Cult Members Are Controlled By Aliens And An Improved Basic Mac & Cheese

Cult Members Are Controlled By Aliens And An Improved Basic Mac & Cheese


I knew a man that believed that radiating people was the path to enlightenment. I visited his home once. There was something very different and spooky about his place. Some things that I am able to remember are the white carpet and an elevated dining room table in a dimly lit room. The people that lived there looked like they had been bit by bugs. They were white and clammy, skinny and they had big eyes. The house smelled like a hospital.

I couldn’t quit thinking about the house…. The owner was a doctor. One day I found out what he believed. He believed that by radiating people, with equipment from a hospital, that he could activate a dormant system of the body that once alive was a person, or alien, that inhabits the body while a person lives. Some call this alien “a man inside a man.” The “man” can talk with “his” alien creators and “he” gives some people instruction to live a different life. Some people lose their consciousness while the alien overtakes the body of its host. The aliens are known as cult members.

(I am not certain if someone is a Christian, if they base their beliefs on Jesus from more sources than the New Testament. What God reveals to us in the Bible is perfect. The traditions before Jesus are human and corrupted by the Devil; they are not divine. Baptism is analogous to circumcision. The resurrection is analogous to the parting of the Red Sea. The star on a Christmas tree is a symbol of God because God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the same. Jesus was also human. Egyptians performed magic. God is divine. The behavior of Henry VIII probably expelled some Christians from England. America is a Christian [Biblical] country. I want to believe that God will continue to liberate people from their oppressors. Soy Americano.)

Most people believe that because the prophet of the cult members saw holograms that he was led across America by aliens. If you are truly anointed, and live in America, you will be invited to become a cult member. Maybe someday you will meet the doctor.

Remember the elevated dining room table in a dimly lit room? The table is an “alter” or operatory table. Beneath the table there is equipment for radiating bodies. I have dreams of people being tossed around the table while being “baptized.”


Note: 1) this is best made in advanced, after being cooled and warmed in a microwave, this mac & cheese was great, I used Cajun seasonings without salt in this mac & cheese 

The mac & cheese I put in a recent blog post was good, but this new mac & cheese is much better. It is finer and more flavorful. Someone can easily modify this recipe by adding ingredients while heating the milk, and by substituting flour with corn starch.

Download The Recipe:

Basic Mac & Cheese


Smoked BBQ Chicken

Smoked BBQ Chicken


Note: 1) if there will be no leftovers, consider chilling the chicken in an ice bath and then warm it using sous vide (:

This was exciting. I have always wanted to barbeque. I brined, smoked, cooked, and baked the chicken. I cooked the potatoes and chicken sous vide. I used ideas from How To Make Great Ribs in the Oven when I put sauce on the chicken. Because I experiment with simple ingredients from a grocery store, I used mustard, chili powder, and bottled BBQ sauce on half of the pieces of chicken. I put BBQ sauce and spices on some pieces, and I only put BBQ sauce on other pieces. Here are my results:

  • This is best made one day in advance (cooled, and warmed)
  • Chicken coated with spices and sauce should be covered with more sauce before serving
  • Chicken with sauce and no spices should not be covered with more sauce before serving

After having smoked chicken a couple of times, I believed that the smoky flavor was very exciting. Next time, I am going to add Italian herbs to the chili powder. Now that I know how to use most basic things to make barbeque, I am excited to use different spices and rubs. I will also plan on making BBQ sauce. I used a recipe at my blog for making mashed potatoes. I made these mashed potatoes with Yukon Gold potatoes. Cooking potatoes sous vide preserves all their flavor. They were very exciting.


  • 145°F/63°C for 3 hours


  • 190°F/88°C for 75 minutes, or 185°F/85°C for 60-90 minutes


Ribs & Macaroni & Cheese

Ribs & Macaroni & Cheese


Note: 1) I changed the cooking times for one or more of the instructions from books, 2) I improved the mac & cheese recipe to make it more exciting

Cooking ribs sous vide is easy. I smoked these ribs. Stefan’s Gourmet Blog introduced me to sous vide and smokers. I did not use a rub on these ribs. I am excited to use spices next time. I believe that additional flavor will make the ribs very exciting. The ribs are good without sauce or spices. I smoked these ribs with hickory for 15 minutes. I used 1 1/2 tablespoons of hickory chips. I cooked the ribs for 24 hours at 145°F/63°C. I cooked them for 24 hours at this temperature because this amount of time was convenient. One recipe from a book I have recommended cooking them for 20 hours at 145°F/63°C, and another book suggested cooking them for 12 hours at 165°F/74°C.

The flavor of meat smoked with hickory is not the flavor of barbeque sauce flavored with hickory. The juices of meat smoked with hickory are the flavor of barbeque sauce. I made the macaroni and cheese using the sauce from my blog post Burrito Breakthrough! Browning Meat With A Torch & A Cheese Sauce Experiment. I used 1/2 –  3/4  tablespoon of chili powder, some lemon juice (1/2 – 1 teaspoon), and 1/2 of a sweet yellow onion. The flavor of the macaroni and cheese was good. The flavor of the spices will determine the flavor of the cheese sauce. Creole flavored macaroni and cheese sounds good!

Here are some exciting instructions I found on the internet for making ribs without using sous vide:

How To Make Great Ribs in the Oven

God Lives In The South – A Story

Note: 1) this is different than the original

St. Jude is the Saint of hopeless causes. Catholics celebrate the lives of people that serve Jesus. Catholics are Christians. I am not sure if St. Jude is a Saint for the Protestant people. Protestants are Christians. The TV is wrapped in foil because the Devil lets spirits in the room through the TV screen. We would have insomnia or believe that being abused is good for poor people, if the TV was not wrapped in foil. Where is my stem? Crack smokers put a piece of stuff from a metal scrubbing pad for the kitchen in a glass tube to hold a rock near the tip of the tube. People call the tube a stem. Living in my building is similar to the excitement of a smoker living near a convenience store because there are people that sell rocks across the bridge. Honey, after I take some harsh hits from my stem, you are going to have to fast for Jesus. Jesus? Do you believe that you can ask me who Jesus is without knowing the stories of the Bible with blind faith and believe that you are better than me? Honey, Mary stepped on the head of a serpent because her son killed the Devil. Adam and Eve made the first sin. Before taking the fruit, people did not know that they were naked. People lived in Eden without pain and where God gave them what they needed to live. After they made the original sin, the first sin, people lived in Hell. Hell is where people are not protected by the Lord. People experienced pain and shame. They had to work and suffer. Eve had three children: Able, Cain and Seth. The offering from Cain to God was rotten and the smoke from his offering blew into his face. God rejected Cain similarly to a person that would reject being served rotten meat. Able’s offering was clean. Able sacrificed a good animal. Since Cain was jealous, he murdered Able. In Hell, people murder people. God’s grace is the opportunity to live in a place without believing that we are sinners. In Eden, people do not murder people. Because Jesus restored our opportunity to live in Eden, I am giving you my testimony. I like to smoke crack. An actor prayed to St. Jude, because he lost faith that he might be able to support himself. After I pass out, while you are fasting, a servant of God will feed you. Be a good Christian, honey. God lives in the South. Zion is in Judah. Be a lion. No Saint ever stole a loaf of bread because Christianity is flawed (human selection). I love you. -Snap

Burrito Breakthrough! Browning Meat With A Torch & A Cheese Sauce Experiment

Burrito Breakthrough! Browning Meat With A Torch & A Cheese Sauce Experiment


Note: 1) consider marinating the chicken

Browning the meat put this burrito closer to being in 1st place! I believe that the restaurant Chipotle browns the chicken meat that they put in their burritos. But when I cook the meat sous vide, it is not dry! This is a very very exciting. I am going to have to grill slices of pork loin roast to create this experience and these great flavors without using a torch. Using the torch is also exciting.

I used my Mornay suace recipe in my blog post The Richest Mac & Cheese Without The Biggest Price to make this cheese sauce. I want to make this sauce using corn starch. I seasoned the sauce with a Mexican seasoning that contains salt. The sauce was savory. I do not believe that the sauce at the restaurant Chipotle is savory. The onion that I put in the scorched milk added a significant amount of flavor to the sauce. I will probably add chili powder in the future. I should also search for a copycat recipe. Maybe adding a blend of Mexican cheeses would be interesting.

A great technique for making cheddar cheese more flavorful is probably adding lemon zest. I had something similar to a savory citric acid that I got at a Mexican food store. I used it with cheddar cheese. The flavor reminded me of the very best macaroni and cheese.


  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/2 medium white onion. cut in half
  • 3 cups mild cheddar (or a blend of cheeses)
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon Mexican seasoning (chili powder)
  • Salt

Browned Meat

Cheese Sauce


Download The Recipes:

The Richest Mac & Cheese Without The Biggest Price

Elementary Recipes For Making An Exciting Burrito – Summary

Sous Vide – Pork Loin Roast

Sous Vide – Pork Loin Roast


Cooking pork sous vide improved my burrito so much! I am very excited. The meat was moist, flavorful, and it had great texture. Everything was great! During my previous year, I discovered juices. Using sous vide permits me to save the juices very easily. There is no chance that I will scorch them and create an undesirable flavor. Using the sous vide device is easy. I cooked this pork loin at 140°F/60°C for 4 hours. I was going to brown the outside with a torch, but the torch was defective. It only worked for a moment. In my kitchen, I am able to use sous vide as normally as a microwave. Using the vacuum sealer is not necessary. I put some salt over the pork before sealing the roast in a bag.

I heated the water on the stovetop before I put the circulator in the pot. Someone may put the circulator in the pot while warming the water on a stovetop. The temperature of the water increases if I put plastic wrap over the pot by approximately 1/2 a degree (Fahrenheit). Covering the pot should reduce the amount of evaporation and protect the sous vide circulator from being damaged by steam. I read that someone had problems with steam disabling a circulator. There are lids specifically made for this device that fit plastic storage containers. This information is probably important if someone plans on cooking something for a long time. After 12 or 24 hours, adding more water may be necessary.

Chips De La Cantina

Chips De La Cantina


Note: 1) I sprinkled table salt over the chips

I dream about returning to the cantina where I went when I was young. One of my desires is to recreate things from the menu at this restaurant. This cantina had a red and white checkered floor. The walls were covered with wood paneling. There were pictures on the walls. People danced there sometimes.

The restaurant was different than the cantina.  There is a type of Mexican music called romantic music. The excitement at the restaurant was romantic. The excitement in the cantina excited me similarly to the experience I have when I listen to Mexican or Grupera music. Appreciating Mexican culture is an important part of my life.

These chips are made with tortillas. I deep fried the pieces at 350°F/177°C until the color of the chips changed. I put smoked paprika on the corn chips. I put sugar and cinnamon of the flour tortillas. Someone should put sugar on both sides of a chip to create an exciting flavor. I want to serve these corn chips with salsa that is very runny and flavorful. This salsa will contain vinegar. I will have to work with an old recipe to create something called caliente.


Cinnamon Chips