French Omelette

Despite any pretensions that may distract you from appreciating fine cuisine, a French omelette is something very special. The eggs are cooked at a low temperature and served moist. Cooking the eggs at a low temperature prevents the omelet from browning. A Maillard reaction changes the flavor of food. If you create a soufflé omelette at low temperatures, the texture of the omelette changes. These are elementary techniques that you can use to create many different experiences from the same ingredients to increase your culinary repertoire.

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French Omelet

Quotes And Some Translated Text:

La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur.

-A. Escoffier

Car la cuisine est l’art francais par excellence le seul art dans lequel, depuis quatre cents ans, nos compatriotes n’eurent jamais de rivaux.

Le Carnet D’Epicure (epicure)

Ne faites pas, Madame, un repas indigeste; 
Mieux vaudrait ne jamais plus faire un seul repas!

Un menu!…. C’ est le plus adorable poème; 
C’ est le plus dèlicat chef-d’œuvre; c’ est la fleur 
Qui, seule, unit à son parfum son ensorceleut 
La saveiur idèale et la beautè supreme.

Et cette fleur, Madame, obtient tous les succès, 
Tous les bonheurs humains se résument en elle,  
Voulez-vous la cueillir, dans sa gràce èternelle!…. 
Voici les clefs du grande jardin de l’ Art Française.

Hors-D’œuvre À La Française

1. Louis Saulnier, E. Brunet (Translator), Jacques Pépin (Introduction), George Lang (Introduction): Le Répertoire de La Cuisine (London: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 1976), v, ix.


Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles
Roscoe’s House Of Chicken’N Waffles

I remember watching Tapeheads on VHS. Roscoe’s Chicken is the place to be. Good culture. Juicy thigh meat makes a real man hungry. POTUS likes Roscoe’s.

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Potato Spirals And French Fries

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Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

1. Fig. 1. Thomas Hawk, Roscoe’s. Digital Image. Thomas Hawk. From: Flickr (accessed December 20, 2016).

It Is Time To Put On My Choux – Shrimp Puffs

Cabbage Or Chou
Fig. 1: Cabbage Or Chou
Pâte à Choux
Fig. 2: Pâte à Choux

Definitions & Pronunciation: Chou, Choux, Pâte, Pâte à Choux

My mother made shrimp puffs during the holidays. I had to use information from the internet and knowledge of the preferences of my mother to recreate her shrimp puffs. The recipe I was able to create seems to be nearly identical to the recipe of my mother. The filling should be made the night before because the shrimp and green onions (scallions) take several hours to give flavor to the cream cheese and mayonnaise. The trick for making pâte a choux is knowing that when the dough is beaten vigorously, the mixture becomes very smooth and shiny. If you use a hand mixer to beat the eggs into the dough, you can watch the special moment when the dough becomes smooth and shiny. The dough might remain dull and course without beating the dough vigorously. I used a pastry bag, my favorite baking sheet, and parchment paper. The results were perfect! I looked at several books and recipes online. These are cream puffs with a savory filling. Cream puffs are made with puff paste. Puff pastry is something different. Puff paste is made in a pot.

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Shrimp Puffs

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Smoothie Recipes (Liquid Nutrition)

Making smoothies is the most important trend to experience. The best strategy is not to design the perfect milkshake. The best strategy is to blend anything that can be eaten raw. A short list of things that can be eaten raw are: Brussels sprouts, carrots, pears, celery, apples, ginger, garlic, pineapples, kale, spinach, parsley, radishes, green beans, bananas, beets, plums, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, or seeds. Bananas are sweeteners and apples are stock. Ensure nutritional beverages are given to people with severe health problems. They are advertised on TV as a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. If a person has to rely on science when they are ill, then observing how to obtain what scientists believe is important must be valuable. The primary source of vitamins and minerals is food. The problem for most people is that they cannot eat sugar. I was raised to eat a European diet. I do not become upset when I eat sugar. I become upset if my metabolism is not powerful enough to use sugar. Not just sucrose (cane sugar) but any type of sugar. If a person is not opposed to learning to tolerate the experience of eating sugar, which the most dominant cultures have done, then you can drink the ultimate rewards on Earth, smoothies. Nectar is probably sweetened or fermented. A good smoothie gives you what you evolved (or were designed) to eat, fruits and vegetables. I suggest that anybody with a bad habit use all the resources they use to destroy themselves to experience the power of the Earth to have a better life.

Links And Notes:

  • Consider using cold water, not ice, to avoid overusing a blender
  • Make ice cubes with tea
  • Bananas and carrots
  • Some types of lettuce have a spicy flavor
  • Tea, cocoa powder, chocolate pieces (chips, morsels, chunks… )
  • Apples, carrots, lime, and celery
  • Add banana peels, citrus peels, strawberry leaves
  • Oranges, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, Brussels spouts, carrots, pears, pineapple, watermelon
  • Melons, pineapple, grapes, bananas, spinach, apples, lime juice, chia seeds
  • Berries (blue, black, strawberries), apple, banana, spinach, 1/2 cup buttermilk, 1/2 cup water, 1 teaspoon flax seeds
  • Banana, banana peel, apple, beets, berries, lemon wedge (with peel), carrots, lime wedge (with peel), berries, pomegranate seeds, spinach, pineapple, cauliflower
  • 2 bananas, banana peel, apple, ginger (chunk), carrots, orange, kale… and whatever else you have… a cucumber…

Potato Spirals And French Fries

I was searching for a different Facebook page when I discovered Tastemade. This is the first recipe that I encountered. I want people to know that the potato spirals are the best. Someone must use a pastry bag to make the spirals. I had never used a pastry bag. I did not make perfect spirals, but I did not make a funnel cake.

The potato starch and parmesan cheese make these better than fast food. The potato starch creates intense flavors. I am going to have to get a food dehydrator to create powders using a blender to enhance all my food. Sweet potato starch. Apple starch. Porcini mushroom powder. Potato starch is different than potato flour because potato starch does not include the potato peel. There are several brands of potato starch. I would have to travel to have potato starch from Bob’s Red Mill, so I used potato starch from Manischewitz (pronunciation). These spirals must be manna. Since I saw my favorite hechsher, I knew I was righteous and obedient.

I started a fire once while frying with a pan without a heavy bottom. I believe that I should know how to fry safely. A good method is to use a thermometer and to heat the oil to a specific temperature on a large burner over medium heat. I started by using a deep fryer made for the stovetop, but a digital thermometer and a heavy bottomed pan will work.

Heavy bottomed pans, Dutch ovens, or cocottes (casserole) are perfect for deep frying because they are wide. A basket is replaced with a skimmer. A basket prohibits things from touching the bottom of the pan. If submerging something is important, a tall narrow pan is deep and conserves oil. Many things float on oil. The problem with heating oil is about energy.

A ~7000 BTU/2100 W burner cannot make the temperature of the oil constant once something cold is put in the oil. Many people on the internet use induction burners while frying. A 1800 W induction burner puts less energy into the oil than the average large electric stove burner. An induction burner is not going to be the workhorse of your kitchen. A new electric stove with a 3000 W (or greater) burner might be too powerful.

The point is to put a thermometer in a pan. Heat the oil over medium heat. Use a large burner when using a large saucepan or pot. Do not permit the oil to be hotter than 390 degrees. Do not leave the stove while frying. Watch the temperature drop when you cook something. Attempt to raise the temperature by increasing the heat of the burner. Once the temperature increases, lower the temperature of the burner. Do not deep fry while attempting to accomplish other tasks in the kitchen. Deep frying on the stovetop requires someone to do several things at one time. To have a rewarding experience, people must deep fry without any distractions.

French cookbooks introduce people to frying something twice. Cold food in a small volume of oil decreases the temperature of the oil. When the temperature of the oil decreases, there is less heat for cooking the food. If someone reheats the oil after warming and cooking food without browning the food, someone can quickly brown the food since the oil would be much hotter. The warm cooked food will not significantly decrease the temperature of the oil. The oil will be able to brown the food. This method is important to know when making French fries from France.

I did not find an authoritative voice on the internet or at a bookstore that describes what oil to use for deep frying or that provides the smoking points of different oils. The smoking point is the temperature that burns the oil. Burned oil can create undesirable flavors. The danger of starting a fire is higher when temperatures are near or higher than the smoking point. Based on reading product labels, people should deep fry with corn oil.

Do not use water to extinguish a grease fire. Keep a metal lid and baking soda near the cooking area just in case there is an emergency. Only fill a pan half full with oil because when deep frying, the food will displace oil and water in the food can cause oil to overflow or splash outside the pan. Water is heavier than oil and the water pushes the oil upward as the water falls to the bottom of the pan. The water also evaporates while the water falls. The evaporating water can create more confusion. If the water is thrown at the pan, the force of the water can make burning oil splash more violently. A general rule for frying is to avoid putting water in hot oil. If possible, dry food with a towel before putting the food in the hot oil. Put fries that have been soaking in water in a cotton towel and press on them to remove water.

Having a funnel is important for saving the oil. I have a funnel with a strainer. I clean the narrow part of a funnel by making a pipe cleaner with a paper towel. Frying things coated with flour makes the oil dirty. Cheesecloth is probably not necessary. Things that contaminate the oil usually fall to the bottom of the pan as the oil cools. When these things are in the bottom of the pan, someone can avoid pouring the last couple of ounces of oil in a container used to save the oil. I put the used oil in a plastic milk container. Ball makes large glass jars. I put the container of oil in the refrigerator. Warm used oil smells offensively after a short period of time. I assume that the oil spoils. Unless the smell or color of the oil is offensive, I use the oil about 4 times.

In France, people melt suet (beef fat) in the oil to add flavor to the food being fried. Dissolving suet in hot oil may require 30 or more minutes. Suet puts a pleasant flavor similar to beef bouillon in the oil. French fries cooked in oil with suet are very exciting and they taste very good. French fries are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. American fries are usually soft and they become soggy when they are cold. Some fast food restaurants serve fries similar to French fries. This blog entry should give someone the confidence to fry.

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Potato Spirals

French Fries

Why Is Bing My Favorite Search Engine?

Bing is my favorite search engine. When I search for things I earn points. I use those points to get gift cards! I usually get gift cards for Amazon. MSN is a web portal with all the information a person needs to be happy. There is news from popular sources. MSN gives people the opportunity to read articles on food. Pictures of food appear to be undesirable at other portals. Food is the first sign of an oasis.

Microsoft Rewards at Bing
This is a picture of my rewards menu at Bing

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Microsoft Rewards


Homemade Cranberry Sauce

I dream about tasting cranberry sauce and gravy. This cranberry sauce recipe was on a bag of fresh cranberries. This sauce is not very sweet. I added cranberry sauce to the Thanksgiving dinner of my family. This sauce would be an ideal addition to a Thanksgiving dinner made using a natural turkey and fresh herbs. I am planning to make my stuffing with fresh sage. There are other ideas that include mixing savory and sweet flavors by adding fruit to traditionally savory recipes. Nuts can be added to create texture. This sauce will probably work well with every type of stuffing. I watched Gordon Ramsay make stuffing by adding pancetta. I believe that he substituted onions with shallots, and celery with leeks. A supermarket Thanksgiving might not be the same without cranberry sauce in a can. This is obviously an important sauce to know since the sauce is important for the Thanksgiving celebrations of many people.

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Homemade Cranberry Sauce