How To Develop A Dream

Fig. 1: Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

My springform pan is going to create the ultimate Chicago style deep dish pizza. Here is what it is going to look like. The plan is to determine what ingredients a restaurant can afford to use everyday.

  • Sauce: mirepoix, pulverized fresh herbs (Italian parsley, oregano, basil), parmesan cheese, stock, red wine, garlic, crushed fennel, red pepper flakes, Italian sausage, crushed tomatoes, salt, and pepper
  • Crust: Pillsbury, Gold Medal, Bob’s, King Author, semolina, or corn oil. This type of crust is chewy when using flour with a lot of gluten, bread flour. We are “Going Southern” when we use ground corn… Thus, no corn or semolina… Not focaccia…
  • Cheese: 4 cups mozzarella from Wisconsin
  • Garnished: course sea salt and freshly ground pepper on top

1. Fig. 1. Bobbi Newman, Chicago style pizza. Digital Image. Bobbi Newman. From: Flickr (accessed December 20, 2016).


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