Welcome To Ohio! Cincinnati Chili

This is fantastic chili. The Creole Queen lives right here! I am not sure if a riverboat from New Orleans can travel to Cincinnati. But this chili rages. Cloves probably take people to a different place. The chocolate kills the raging feeling and it makes the chili universally good. Do not use a lot of chocolate. The most exciting combo uses allspice and ground cloves. I usually make half of the recipe because it will fit in my slow cooker. Notice that the trick for making chili or rice is to know the number of cups of water to use based on the instructions on a package, and then substituting other liquids for the water. If there is too much water, boil the chili while stirring it constantly to remove the water. Water evaporates about 1 cup per 20 minutes in my kitchen.

Download Recipe:

Cincinnati Chili


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