Cuban Black Bean Soup

This is excellent soup! TV is not exciting enough for me to desire to appreciate New York City everyday. I am aware that for some people, New York City is the best place to visit in America. Chuck Williams introduced me to authentic recipes from New York City, which permitted me, for the first time, to appreciate how giving people freedom had just made me the happiest person in the world. I made Cuban black bean soup. Chuck has recipes that appear to have been made a thousand times. This recipe excited me to believe that I was eating something authentic that could only be made in America because people have freedom.

In Puerto Rico, the combination of herbs and seasonings in this recipe are called sazón. Sazón is sold as a seasoning at some markets that sell Hispanic food. Sometimes making soups and stocks with seasonings from the market is exciting. Seasonings usually contain salt. Using too much salt can ruin the flavor of food. Learning how spices work by being forced to use them in moderation can be beneficial.

Some people may call the combination of vegetables in this recipe sofrito. This soup uses white onions, garlic, and red bell peppers. Some types of sofrito are made with herbs and seasonings. Many herbs and seasonings are aromatic. Many vegetables are also aromatic. When someone cooks aromatic ingredients, they release perfume that flavors food. More flavor is added to this recipe by using sherry and sherry wine vinegar just before the soup is finished cooking.

Download The Recipe:

Cuban Black Bean Soup


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