Matzo Ball Soup

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There is no Passover at my restaurant. Everyone wants to kill a bowl of soup. That was a joke. God liberated me and my people using miracles. I observe important celebrations. The death of Christ. That was also a joke. The Lord murdered the first born children of the Egyptians before liberating the Israelites. The Lord passed over homes with blood near the doors. The Israelites were in a hurry to leave and they did not have time to leaven their bread. People celebrate this event by eating unleavened bread.

Jesus Christ was crucified during Passover. The Jewish people were probably righteous (see example for definition 1). The punishment for blasphemy (see definition 3) was probably death. The punishment for being a false prophet was death. I am not certain what to call a person that supposedly knows the law but that fails to obey the law. In fact I do know that word! The word for being foolish and extremely ignorant while using the authority of a religious leader to be persuasive is an idiot. Is this theology? I prefer government. I believe protecting religious freedom and the welfare of citizens is very important.

The law changed after Jesus Christ was denied his accession to the throne. I wonder why Jesus chose the god of Abraham, the god of Jacob, the god of the Jewish people? I usually believe that young people prefer the Roman god of wine and song. Being permanently condemned for being evil, for challenging the authority of the Lord, is not appealing.

To avoid thinking about the law, people should still abandon the covenant made by Moses. People reading this blog post should abandon making matzo ball soup. People reading this blog post should accept the new covenant. Accept the culture of the ministry of Jesus Christ and make jambalaya. In vino veritas.

If someone is still interested in the soup, know that Abraham grew a vine before the famine. People in the Western world celebrate the birth of a messiah that is glorified for changing the law. Before the death of Christ, people were condemned and they were forced to obey laws that may have been impossible to obey consistently. Using miracles to persuade people is more problematic than being given a miracle that makes life better. Jesus Christ may have been an evil person.

I do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord. I would not obey someone that uses miracles to have authority. Watching Jesus race to the morgue to resurrect a corpse to promote the popularity of his ministry is a comedy. Appreciating Jesus is not enforced by the law. But Jesus can be used to establish an unwritten etiquette that invites immoral people to be bigots that neglect people. An etiquette that invites people to murder vulnerable people by being neglectful.

King David had common sense. Homeless people need homes. Poor people need assistance. Giving someone the opportunity to believe that the future will be exciting is important. King David is the only person in every book of the Western tradition that I have observed that experienced happiness. He is the only person that believes that savoring a piece of fruit is a reward. King David talked to God while lying in bed. I stopped talking to myself many years ago, but since God can see everything I think, I live to be obedient. My testimony is not acceptable to important people from the ministry of Christ, but I love being alive. I prefer freedom and obedience.

Despite my preferences, I enjoy explaining the exhilaration that I experience when I empathize with the savior. Jesus was a freedom fighter, a soldier that voluntarily died for his country, for his disciples. Jesus delivered a revolutionary new ministry and a covenant that frees people from the law and the sabbath. Jesus gives everyone the opportunity to experience perfection, the experience, for example, to have the knowledge of King David that God is the almighty deity.

I believe that people can explain that Jesus and Socrates died to defend the idea that there is only one god. There has to be something that lacks a creator. The difference between Jesus and King David is that I believe that Jesus wanted to give people the opportunity to live without having the ability to offend the law. The Holy Spirit is something that can control the body to behave with the wisdom of God. By worshiping the Lord, people do not have to read the law, the Holy Spirit physically drives them to be good people.

I believe that Jesus must have wanted people to have the experience of being free while having a life experience that is driven by the desire of God to be kind rather than by the human desire to be obedient. When people have faith in Jesus, being condemned should be impossible because people cannot behave without being righteous. The book of Job introduces people to the problems created by experiencing psychological freedom, pleasure, and pain while believing that God determines everything a person experiences. Being thankful is an important part of the Biblical tradition. God expects people to be thankful for the things that God gives people. The consequences for not being thankful are deadly.

I enjoy the Biblical tradition. I desire to create a utopia where people make normal business without being threatened by homelessness and death. My favorite experience is knowing that poor people are excited to live. Vulnerable people are the cornerstones of the kingdom of God. I read the Bible to create a sanctuary, while I search for the path of my oppressors.

The Bible ends with a commandment that anybody can observe as a moral imperative. Jesus asks everyone to love all people, which I believe is a request that people behave morally. Righteousness is following the law. Being moral is doing what is good.  Everyone learns that Jewish culture is based on liberation and miracles at Calvary. All corruption is a threat to all people. Death threatens the meaning of life. Giving everyone an exciting future should be the goal of everyone.

Gentiles may not know that Jesus is being evil by being a false prophet since he cannot perform miracles on command. The miracles of Moses were observed by Egyptians. Probably since the Romans are in Jerusalem, the severity of the laws of the Jewish people is confusing. The wisdom of the Bible reminds people that one of the most important things to remember is that God used miracles to liberate the Israelites. The Israelites used religion as their reason for rejecting the Egyptians. The Egyptians denied Israelites the freedom to worship their god.

Since the Romans are in Jerusalem, and since some type of cultural pluralism was being used to manage civilization, I observed the Jewish people as Egyptians. I was not born with the talents of an experienced attorney. The Jewish people denied Jesus the opportunity to worship his god. Jesus may have offended Jewish people by asking everyone to worship himself to know the god of the Jewish people. The story that God is using Jesus to test people is similar to stories from Greek mythology. In this version, God will punish the people that deny that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

Romans probably justified their decision to deny Jesus protection by believing that the beliefs or welfare of the Jewish people was more important than the life of Jesus Christ. From the point of view of a gentile, I am suggesting that Jewish people should have ignored Jesus. They should have appreciated his desire to worship their god. The Jewish people should have appreciated his desire to proclaim how excited oppressed people become when the Lord performs helpful miracles. I believe there is some confusion because Jesus did not seem to be an actual threat to the Jewish people. I believe that he was nothing more than an annoyance. I believe that the story may be confusing because Romans were in Jerusalem and since pluralism destroyed the idea that the laws of the Jewish people were important.

People that are rejected and despised, economically and legally, while being flattered, may be forced to commit suicide. I believe that Jesus was considered to be an undesirable person by important people. He probably lacked the privileges of a citizen. Jesus was probably permanently homeless. He was forced to humiliate himself to be excited about life. The risks he took when traveling to Jerusalem probably included being homeless. Jesus probably had nothing to begin with other than being excited about religion.

He had to commit suicide because he had no home. He was flattered, despised for being economically poor, rejected, and executed to eliminate an insignificant inconvenience in Jerusalem. In America, he may have eventually been forced to commit crimes to live in prison. This is offensive enough to me that I usually reject authority while obeying the law. Legal jeopardy is a type of corruption that exists today. The written laws of humans are more important than the laws of God in America.

There are probably no solutions for living in America because the government does not redeem people. God and the Lord rescue people from their problems. They save people. When human laws condemn people, God and the Lord do not exist in government. People in America are abandoned if they do not have identification. I believe that there are several lifestyles that are a benefit to people that cannot exist if people cannot live without making mistakes. Jesus lost his wallet.

Being corrupt and being moral appear to be strong American values. A person can be eliminated from being a member of the government for not being responsible. Some of the most important American values are working to be rewarded as a taxpayer and preparing to retire. People without identification cannot be legally employed or rewarded by the government. People that lose their identification when they are ill are bad people. Righteous people are never ill enough to lose their identification. Unrighteous or irresponsible people are bad people that do not deserve to be Americans.

Americans admire Romans. A Roman government executed Jesus. Americans probably would not worry if Jesus was slowly executed by lacking the privilege to be an American. The effects of religion may not be sufficient enough to make people prosperous and moral. I believe that there are people that prosper when they appreciate observing people die. There are probably popular media sources in Europe that glorify poverty and death. I usually believe that the experience of being in a big city is the excitement of exploiting the experiences of poor people dying from neglect. People have made many sacrifices as religious people to innovate to create a modern world. Important people have not evolved to exploit an analytic approach to solving problems.

I use reason to understand etiquette. There may be cultures that use an unwritten etiquette and the ideas from the gospels to neglect and murder people. Leaders should be humiliated for using ignorance as part of their political strategy and to have charisma. I should pray for people that invest in riches. They should abandon their lives to live in a sanctuary of God, since people around them are waiting for them to die. The meaning of life is discovered by being thankful and admiring perfection, by admiring God. Satisfaction is a sign of thankfulness. People that lack a lust (ignore definitions 1 and 2) for life are necessarily poor. I would argue that a part of the definition of being poor is being unaware that life is important. Killing people must be the greatest sign of poverty and dissatisfaction. Being surrounded by happy people is a privilege. Making people excited to be alive is a reward. That is obviously a part of the definition of love. Love is a special word for the people of the Lord.  Jesus uses the word love.

My God is eternal and indestructible. My God is perfect. My God is always watching you. People appreciate my God by observing natural laws. My God is the creator of the universe. I know my God for psychological reasons. I usually fail when I am disappointed that I am alive. God rewards people by giving them freedom, food and shelter. I am thankful when I eat. Because by loving the Lord, by being pious, I am being thankful for the miracles that made my life possible in the promised land. When rebels interfere with my happiness, I know that my oppressors will be avenged by justice.

Those are some highlights from my current interpretation of the Bible and my personal folklore. This is the point in my life when being religious is no better than being human. The world became a violent place overnight. There are rated R movies, but watching people be executed while watching the news on the internet is legal. My point was to make food to appreciate the culture of the people of the god of Jesus Christ. After years of living with faith, I had to start using my mind to survive. I wanted to know what the excitement was all about. Matzo ball soup must be a good place to start.

Make the broth 1 day in advance. Make the matzo balls 1 hour in advance. See my matzo recipe for making matzo. The recipe requires a large strainer. Using a chicken and chicken wings, rather than chicken bones, puts enough flavor in the stock that the stock may be served as a soup, which makes the stock a broth.

Download The Recipes:

Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo – Homemade Unleavened Bread


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