These bagels are great. They are very good toasted. They are boiled in baking soda. Bakers use baking soda to add flavor to bagels and pretzels. Adding baking soda is similar to flavoring pasta with salted water. Some people add sugar to the boiling water. Refrigerating raw bagels for 24 hours permits the yeast to ferment which makes the bagels more flavorful. Supposedly, someone has made the dough correctly if the bagels rise to the surface of the water, after they fall to the bottom of the pot. My bagels were buoyant. I boiled my last batch of bagels for 2 minutes on each side. Some people only boil them for 1 minute on each side. People explain that for scientific reasons they are more chewy when they are boiled longer. I cannot currently derive the equations for the physics of gluten without a reference. I am still searching for the book that I want to read. Bread usually rises while baking. Bagels do not become much larger while baking. When bagels are boiled, they rise in the water. This recipe makes 12 bagels. One dozen.

Download The Recipe:



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