Note: 1) consider making hummus with peanut butter

This is the best hummus recipe that I have ever used. I converted an existing recipe because I wanted to use 1 pound of garbanzo beans. Hummus is good on fresh bagels. Without adding water to the puréed chickpeas or garbanzo beans, the hummus would be too thick to be a dip or a spread. The trick for making good hummus is using the cooking water to make smooth hummus.  The cooking water has a lot of flavor. People commonly use pasta water to thin a thick ragù sauce. The sauce for carbonara is usually made with pasta water. A thick sauce cannot coat pasta.

The flavor of cold water is usually neutral or refreshing. When preparing to add cold water to pasta sauce, cold water seems to have a bad flavor. The type of flavor that ruins pasta sauce. Substituting tap water is so disappointing that I conditioned myself to put a huge mixing bowl in my sink. With the bowl in the sink, I have to put my colander in the bowl, which saves the water. This strategy gives me a whole bowl of reserved pasta water. Using a pot with a strainer made for making pasta is probably more convenient.

Arab recipes cook the beans in baking soda. Bakers use baking soda to add flavor to bagels and pretzels. From a scientific perspective, the baking soda may make the beans easier to digest.

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1. May Bsisu: The Arab Table: Recipes and Culinary Traditions (New York: William Morrow, 2005), 51.


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