The Perfect Burrito

I have made a perfect burrito. New food trends mix gourmet ideas with traditional recipes to create flavors that only a confectioner could dream to taste. Seriously, imagine eating food that is as yummy as cake or mousse batter. Food from a website called Tastemade makes old recipes and old ideas brand new and very exciting. If you want to observe how young people recreate old ideas, then you will enjoy this website. The link to the burrito in this blog post has all of the ideas for making the perfect burrito. Caramelizing the tortilla with a grill makes the experience even better. Infrared grills permit people to grill indoors. Grill pans are also popular.

I chose to use boneless skinless chicken thigh meat. Pineapple from a can is cooked, which changes the flavor, and removes an enzyme that prohibits pineapple from permitting gelatin to set. The flavor is mild. Once you have these ideas, you can take your old recipes and think about doing exciting things. Imagine replacing wine with the fruits that are the flavors of fermented grapes. Imagine making Cajun food differently by adding fruit and vinegar.

A tortilla is a biscuit made with water that is squished into a tortilla. Use a simple biscuit recipe. Substitute milk with water and substitute butter with shortening or lard. I use the recipe on the Clabber Girl Baking Powder can.

I added a link to the Food Network where I found someone making the burritos that I ate in my home when I was young. I add refried beans and I cook the hamburger with taco seasonings. This was my definition for a burrito in 1980.

Links to Tastemade and the recipe for the burrito:

Note: 1) I used white vinegar

Link to the Food Network to observe how to make an American Grocery Store Burrito:

Links to understand my ideas in the blog post:


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