Gadgets Make More Possible, Let’s Go Chopping

Kitchen gadgets give me the opportunity to accomplish my preparation tasks quickly enough that I can usually enjoy cooking and thinking about being more creative. They make me appear to be talented. Choppers can dice vegetables. Mandolins can slice vegetables and make fries. Some mandolins can also dice. My garlic press does not require me to peel garlic cloves. I use a food mill that has several interchangeable disks. I am able to use my food mill as a ricer and if I put plastic wrap in the hole where the crank of the food mill fits into the disk, I have a professional quality sieve.

A chef uses a sieve to make stocks, broths, and sauces. A food mill can be used to make mashed potatoes, pasta, apple sauce, jam, and smooth salsas. Immersion blenders turn a pot into a blending container. This is great for making curries, soups, and pasta sauce. Immersion blenders can puree vegetables, make mayonnaise, and whip cream.

A high quality 12 quart stainless steel stockpot costs about $400. A 12 quart stock pot was a standard piece of cookware when I was young. An inexpensive enameled 12 quart stockpot does not have a heavy bottom. I was only able to use an enameled stockpot to make stock and to steam tamales. I put a steaming basket in a stock pot when I make tamales. Dutch ovens or cocottes usually have heavy bottoms. People can use them as a soup pot or to deep fry. Some manufacturers make nonstick Dutch ovens.

Europeans commonly use copper. Americans commonly use stainless. Stainless steel cookware is appealing because stainless steel is non-reactive. Non-reactive cookware does not change the flavor of food. Martha Stewart uses induction burners. A well engineered induction burner costs about $2000. I included the brand that she uses in some of her videos in the list of things below. Stainless steel cookware, cast iron pans, or any pan that is magnetic works with induction. Use a magnet to test the compatibility of a pan with induction burners.

Thermometers give a person the opportunity to work with precision in the kitchen. Amazon has inexpensive thermometers. Williams Sonoma has expensive thermometers. A candy thermometer can be used as an all-purpose thermometer.

Different baking pans cook things differently. My favorite baking pan is from Williams Sonoma. Their Goldtouch pans make everything golden. I put my old steel baking pan that pops and warps in a hot oven in the pantry. Target has a brand named Threshold that appears similarly to Goldtouch bakeware.

A whisk and a silicone pastry brush are at the entrance of a place where being an intelligent cook is possible. Natural bristles usually burn at high temperatures. Prep bowls give someone the opportunity to put all of the ingredients of a recipe on the counter before approaching the stove or mixer. This makes cooking exciting. There are glass prep bowls and metal mixing bowls. Ceramic, cast iron and glass baking dishes are great for cooking bread, vegetables and cobbler. I cook cobbler in a 9×9 glass baking dish. An au gratin may be important for baking potatoes. A scale is great because many recipes influenced by people from Europe use weights rather than volumes.

These are some of the twists and turns for people that cannot pay for the nicest things as if they were a set of flimsy nonstick pans. Any pan is fine and dandy. Economic equality is my first concern as a politician, and I enjoy being wealthy.

I sometimes plan to buy this knife and block combination because the set has a boning knife, and two utility knifes for cutting cakes, tomatoes, and watermelons:

Here are some of my favorite gadgets:

Here is one of my favorite small appliances:

Here is a list of gadget makers:

Here is a list of some of my favorite pans:

Here is the induction burner that Martha Stewart uses in some of her videos:

Here is my favorite bakeware:


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