Sauce Espagnole


This is the recipe that changed my life. The book that changed my life was about Mexican food, but this is the recipe that changed my life. After my life was changed, I did not believe that I was alive until I made the sauce. My life was a disaster until today! Discovering The Five Mother Sauces introduced me to the Euclid of the culinary arts, Escoffier. He excites people to make cooking a science. This may not be true for all people. But this is the step at which I knew that I was going to become an expert by understanding the foundations of the art of cooking. Most mathematicians today probably do not have the privilege to know geometry well, and most people that cook probably do not know Escoffier. Dip your French fries in this sauce and imagine how amazing life would be if war never took place. That is the sombrero a gentleman wears.

I put some translations of the written work of Escoffier on a different blog post. If you believe that espagnole may be a substitute for ketchup, make some French fries.

Download The Recipe:


Download The Recipe For French Fries:

Potato Spirals And French Fries


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