Various Tips (Wisdom) For The Kitchen

I currently use (2 tablespoons of table salt : 4 quarts water), there are times when more salt is desirable. Some people cook pasta in seawater, (4 tablespoons or more of table salt : 4 quarts of water). Pasta usually lacks salt as an ingredient, but pasta and vegetables absorb salt in boiling water. Some people may have never appreciated pasta cooked in salty water, but the experience is the best. Sea salt can be dull. Kosher salt is intense. Table salt is somewhat less dull and a little more intense. French sea salt is more similar to kosher salt. None of these things may be true anymore. Sea salt on toasted French bread with olive oil tastes great. If you need vitamins, use iodized salt, many recipes require kosher salt. But if you are making food to have the experience at an American diner, you probably would want table salt. Some things are relative. A chef should know that different types of salts have different densities. The most strict recipe would include the weight of the amount of salt being used, not the volume of the amount of salt. I store several different types of salt in small storage containers that are labeled with a permanent marker. After cooking with San Francisco and NYC for a month, you may want to use salt with moderation. If I remember correctly, using salt does something to the volume of your blood which may cause high blood pressure. I usually have ground black pepper and black peppercorns. Disposable black peppercorn pepper grinders are currently popular at American grocery stores. Some of the books that I have usually use unsalted butter. Since I am able to add salt to food, I usually have unsalted butter in my refrigerator. Store unused wine by making ice cubes to add to sauces (750 mL : 3.17006463 cups ~ 3 cups)  (375 mL : 1.58503232 cups ~ 1.5 cups). My ice cube tray holds 2 cups. There are 16 ice cubes in a tray. 8 cubes approximately equals 1 cup. When grapes ferment they create flavors similar to existing fruits. The enzymes in cheese must create flavors similar to existing foods as cheese ages. Brushes with long handles can clean gadgets and cast iron. A dish rack makes washing dishes more efficient. Sponges absorb suds and make washing dishes and pans faster and easier. Some people disinfect sponges in a bowl of water in the microwave. Target has cotton bar mops. A cleanser called Bar Keepers Friend removes hard water stains and metal marks from dishes and glasses. Orange juice tastes better in a very clean glass. Pasta has many shapes and textures. Different types of sauce stick to different types of pasta differently. A thick dry sauce sticks inside the spirals on rotini. Pappardelle is wide enough to float in a thick ragu. Planning to use pasta can be entertaining.

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