It Is Time To Put On My Choux – Shrimp Puffs

Cabbage Or Chou
Fig. 1: Cabbage Or Chou
Pâte à Choux
Fig. 2: Pâte à Choux

Definitions & Pronunciation: Chou, Choux, Pâte, Pâte à Choux

My mother made shrimp puffs during the holidays. I had to use information from the internet and knowledge of the preferences of my mother to recreate her shrimp puffs. The recipe I was able to create seems to be nearly identical to the recipe of my mother. The filling should be made the night before because the shrimp and green onions (scallions) take several hours to give flavor to the cream cheese and mayonnaise. The trick for making pâte a choux is knowing that when the dough is beaten vigorously, the mixture becomes very smooth and shiny. If you use a hand mixer to beat the eggs into the dough, you can watch the special moment when the dough becomes smooth and shiny. The dough might remain dull and course without beating the dough vigorously. I used a pastry bag, my favorite baking sheet, and parchment paper. The results were perfect! I looked at several books and recipes online. These are cream puffs with a savory filling. Cream puffs are made with puff paste. Puff pastry is something different. Puff paste is made in a pot.

Download The Recipe:

Shrimp Puffs

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