Whole Wheat Pappardelle With Vegetable Ragout

Roasted crimini mushrooms and roasted garlic create a meaty flavor for this vegetable ragout. The meaty flavor is complemented by the sweet flavors of other roasted vegetables and fresh herbs. To make the sauce thick, I added the roasted vegetables to a reduced vegetable stock. Puréeing the ingredients was exciting. This sauce rivals every bolognese sauce or meat ragù. The sauce is simple to make since there is no reason to simmer the sauce. To mix the sauce with the pappardelle, add pasta water. Nobody will notice that there is no meat in this ragout!

  • Ingredients
    • 1 1/2 lb fresh pappardelle
    • 3 lb fresh plum tomatoes
    • 1/2 lb fresh crimini mushrooms
    • 2 small red onions
    • 1 large carrot
    • 1 large celery stalk
    • 1 head garlic
    • 1/4 oz/7 grams basil (pronunciation 1, pronunciation 2)
    • 1/4 oz/7 grams oregano
    • 1/4 oz/7 grams thyme
    • 1/4 cup olive oil
    • 1/2 tablespoon salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    • 1/2 tablespoon sugar
    • 4 cups vegetable stock or liquid from roasted vegetables
  • Instructions
    • If necessary, move the rack of the oven to the position closest to the broiler
    • Preheat the broiler
    • Prepare the herbs and vegetables
    • Toss the herbs and vegetables in a mixing bowl with the oil, salt, pepper and sugar
    • Put the vegetables on a baking sheet
    • Broil the vegetables for about 32 minutes*
    • Turn the vegetables about every 8 minutes, or when some of the edges of the vegetables are charred
    • Plan to use any juices in the baking sheet to make a sauce
    • Put 4 cups of juices and vegetable stock in the saucepan
    • Reduce the stock in half
    • Put the vegetables in the saucepan
    • Use an immersion blender to puree the ingredients to make a sauce

* The vegetables may release a lot of juices, but the broiler will continue to roast the vegetables.

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Vegetable Ragout




Mexican food makes me happy. Enchiladas have a satisfying flavor made by pulverizing dried chili peppers to make spices. Chili powder is made by grinding dried chili peppers. I used sharp cheddar and green onions to have the most amount of flavor. Tillamook cheese is very good. The cheese is creamy and the cheese has a distinct flavor.

These are the ingredients.
This is hot corn oil.
The hot oil makes the tortilla more flavorful, softer, and easier to roll.
There are 4 warm tortillas in this stack.
Put the cheese closer to one side of the tortilla. I would recommend putting green onions on the cheese.
Put sauce on the bottom of the baking dish.
Smother the enchiladas with sauce.
Smother the enchiladas with cheese.
Bake the enchiladas at 425°F/220°C for 12 minutes.
This is an avocado.
This is a peeled avocado.
These are avocado slices.
A sturdy spatula makes serving the enchiladas an easy task to accomplish.
Enchiladas garnished with green onions and avocado slices.

Spätzle With Sage And Cheese


This is more gratifying and simple to make than anything that I am able to remember. Consider using a 6 cheese Italian blend by Sargento. The flavor of the cheese is outstanding. Using emmentaler or emmental is also common. I do not know how well the flavors from sage and emmental combine. The flavors of sage and the 6 cheese Italian blend by Sargento should make people believe that they are being rewarded. The combination is incomparable.

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Spätzle With Sage And Cheese

Rally In The Kitchen: Using The Dough Hook To Mix And Knead

This is a video intended to enable someone to use a mixer to accomplish basic kitchen tasks. I have not perfected my talents for giving presentations.

Note: generally speaking, the most important point to understand when making bread dough is that bread dough should not be sticky, the dough should not stick to your hands, to the mixer bowl, or to the bottom of the mixer bowl; if the dough is sticky, add more flour

I used the mixer to make pizza dough. Italians put oil in bread dough. Some focaccia recipes contain lots of olive oil. After making a lot of dough, someone should probably notice that the dough becomes more elastic after kneading the dough. THIS MEANS THAT IF SOMEONE OVERWORKS PIZZA DOUGH, THE DOUGH WILL NOT STRETCH TO BECOME THE SIZE OF A PIZZA CRUST. Once the dough is too elastic, wait 10 minutes without touching the dough. The perfect time to make a pizza crust is 10 minutes after punching the dough. Then the dough can be massaged into the shape of a pizza crust.

Gluten traps the gas created when the yeast ferments. The yeast is the leaven. Leavening bread is adding yeast or a different leaven to the flour to make the dough rise. Baking powder and baking soda are different popular leavens for making bread. Baking powder is usually used to make biscuits. When there is more gluten in the dough, less gas will escape. The texture of the bread will be different.

I believe that beaten egg whites can be used to leaven cake batter. The air in the beaten egg whites is the leaven. After folding the beaten egg whites into the batter, the volume of the cake batter is greater. This process may be equivalent to using yeast since the volume of the batter is increased by air which is a gas.

In a rational economy, flour should be packaged based on the size and content of the gluten. In America, bread flour is more course, and bread flour has a lot of gluten. Cake flour is more fine, and cake flour probably has less gluten than bread flour. All-purpose flour is in the middle. There is a difference between winter and summer wheat. I currently only know one difference. Winter wheat is exciting to touch because winter wheat is soft. Biscuits are usually made with flour that contains winter wheat.

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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Dough

Make A Pizza:

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 1

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How To Create Cheese Pulls


I found information about making melted cheese stretch by adding the search term “food stylist” to my searches. The best trick I found was to use string cheese. A person said to avoid putting too much cheese near the tip of the slice of pizza that is going to be photographed. The tip will fall when the slice is lifted. Some people suggested using slices of mozzarella. Cut the raw dough to make a slice before baking the pizza.

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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment


This pizza is made with so much cheese, some people might create their first memory of enjoying the exciting flavor of melted cheese. Knowing the flavor of melted cheese is an important experience. My secret sauce was derived from understanding the most elementary ingredients from Italy. If you deny me, you should boil your tomatoes in gasoline. My oven was too hot. I will publish a better picture in the future. The crust has lots of great flavor. The crust is light and instantly gratifying. Most people will never know the flavors of this crust. I invented this pizza using my life experiences. This Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza should excite everyone.

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Pizza Sauce

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Dough

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

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Rally In The Kitchen: Using The Dough Hook To Mix And Knead

Moroccan Chicken Tajine With Couscous And Harissa

Moroccan Chicken Tajine

I am always excited to prepare Moroccan food. The food is tangy and zesty. The spices make exotic and exciting flavors that remind me how much I enjoy being alive. Some people call Morocco and nearby regions in Africa the Maghreb. Since this recipe uses preserved lemons, the recipe cannot be prepared spontaneously. Pickling a lemon takes about 30 days. A webpage at Epicurious includes information on how to preserve a lemon. I cited the book below. I also have a blog post on preserved lemons. The spices may be omitted. This recipe by Ina Garten is simple to make. I recommend only using half of the amount of salt that appears in the recipe. Some people spell tajine differently, tagine.

Marinate the chicken. Simmer the chicken in the marinade. Reduce the marinade to make a sauce. I served the tajine with couscous, harissa, and mint. Rock the Kasbah! Make something good to eat.

Simmering the chicken in the marinade on the stovetop may be called casseroling on the stovetop. When someone braises, they brown the meat before simmering the meat in a flavored stock in a Dutch oven or in a pan similar to a Dutch oven. Someone browns the meat in the braising pan to add more flavor to the food. When people poach meat, they probably cook meat submerged in stock in a stock pot. Simmering meat in a Dutch oven or in a pan similar to a Dutch oven without browning the meat may be called casseroling.

In America, a casserole dish is usually made with glass or ceramic. Someone can use an American casserole dish to simmer in the oven. People use Dutch ovens and casseroles on the stovetop or in the oven. American casserole dishes are used in the oven. Someone can probably cook something in a sauce in a Dutch oven or casserole in the oven without being concerned that the sauce will burn to the bottom of the pan. This means that someone can use a Dutch oven or casserole without constantly stirring the contents of the pan. If someone does not add stock to the casserole dish, a person may be roasting. Americans usually use a casserole dish as an au gratin pan.

The French method for cooking couscous is to sauté the couscous in butter. Then add water. The ratio is 1.5 cups couscous to 2 cups water. Cook the couscous over medium-high heat while constantly stirring the couscous for 10 minutes. Add 3 tablespoons of butter. Fluff the couscous. Add 1/2 cup of harissa and some chopped fresh mint. Scallions and zucchini may be added while the couscous is cooking.

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