Pappardelle And Ragù

Some sources say that macaroni and pasta are the same. Some sources say that macaroni is only tubular pasta. Macaroni and pasta are from Italy. Noodles are from China. Marco Polo was an explorer that traveled to China. Some people suggest that his explorations brought noodles to Italy. If that is true, pasta originated in China. Romans lived before Marco Polo. Supposedly, Romans made pasta, which may suggest that pasta and noodles evolved separately.


A meat lover can appreciate a ragu sauce. Adding flavor to simmered meat is difficult. A ragu sauce is not chili. Heavier versions of ragu with shredded meat have a texture that is similar to a tuna casserole made with canned tuna. Be prepared to experience something different. These recipes outline some common ingredients for making a ragu. In each of the recipes, the meat is simmered in milk or cream. Most recipes suggest using ground beef and pork. Since I have an immersion blender, I cut a chuck or round roast and a pork shoulder into small cubes which I shred after they finish cooking.

Using a dictionary, a ragu is defined as a ragout and a ragout is defined as a stew. I make a stew and then I shred the meat in the stew with an immersion blender to make a contemporary ragu sauce. Since there is a lot of meat, the meat must be browned in batches. When too much meat is cooked at one time in a pan, the meat creates a lot of steam. When the meat cooks in steam, the meat does not brown. When the meat does not brown, there are no “browned bits and caramelized drippings of meat and vegetables that are stuck to the bottom of the pan to add flavor to the food”∗.

Some people call the “browned bits and caramelized drippings” on the bottom of a pan a fond. Sofrito and mirepoix may be different because sofrito uses white onions. Leeks and shallots and other vegetables may be substituted for onions and celery. Choose strategically to make the most advantageous cultural alliances 8p.

This paragraph refers to recipes in the recipe below. To make recipe-4, I immediately want to add the aromatics from recipe-1 to recipe-2. Recipe-1 is hot. Thai food may use basil with hot peppers.

Download The Recipe:

Pappardelle and Ragù

∗ Cooking Definition of Fond | POPSUGAR Food,” Popsugar, accessed December 1, 2016,


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