Fig. 1: Monkfish

Monkfish are popular at some seafood counters and in French cookbooks. There are two types of fish, round belly and flat belly, or round and flat. If you find a silhouette* of a monkfish, you will be able to observe its round belly. It is compared to lobster. Probably because the texture of the flesh of the monkfish is similar to the flesh of the lobster. They both have flesh that seems to contain gelatin, which creates a “melt in your mouth” experience. The flavor is not delicate and monkfish creates a strong odor of seafood when being fried. If you enjoy seafood, you will not be disappointed when you eat monkfish.

* Silhouette Monkfish, Angler Fish Lophius Piscatorius, Anglerfish Lophius Piscatorius, Lophius Budegassa

1. Fig. 1. Alexander Mayrhofer, Monkfish. Digital Image. Wikimedia Commons. From: Wikimedia Commons, (accessed December 10, 2016).


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