A New Set Of Choux – Cheese Puffs With Fondue Au Fromage

Cheese Puffs

I made savory cream puffs with puff pastries that were filled with shrimp and cream cheese last month. This month I put on a new set of choux. I filled them with fondue au fromage and I topped them with savory whipped cream mixed with parmigiano-reggiano. This idea is in a book published in the early 20th century by A. Escoffier. Some of his books are a directory of ideas that an experienced chef can read to make something exciting. French fondue au fromage is made with heavy cream. Swiss fondue is made with alcohol. I used kirschwasser and a wine named maison blanc. I chose two cheeses: Swiss gruyère and Swiss emmental. The fondue was fantastic. Since a physicist was not present to tell me why to clean a pan with a heavy bottom with garlic by rubbing the garlic on the sides of the pan. I minced the garlic and I put the garlic in the fondue. This probably gives the fondue more than the “subtle hint” of flavor that the creator of fondue originally intended. The fondue is too hot to put in a pastry bag. The choux should be sliced open and filled with cheese with a spoon. These are analogous to chocolate confections for someone who desires to have savory hors d’oeuvres. Some people do not use kirsch or they substitute kirsch with schnapps. There are many liqueurs that may add a pleasant flavor to the cheeses used to make fondue.

Swiss Fondue
Fig. 1: Swiss Fondue

These choux were based on a recipe in a previous blog post and the information in the citations.

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