Tomato Sandwiches

Melissa Clark is a co-author of a book that I have. The book taught me how to make chili powder. Put dried chili peppers in a blender and grind. This is amazing! I am angry when I believe that the most elementary things to know cost the most amount of money. This anger is similar to the anger that I have when I believe that people experience life without remembering what America gave to children in public schools. Fractions and a second language give people the opportunity to understand ratios and using language better. These are two subjects that permit people to thrive intellectually. Geometry invited people to think algebraically to solve problems. The base of a muffin is a trapezoid.

Heirloom tomatoes are popular in big cities. The story is that people have to work with tomatoes to make them round. Scientists make round tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes should be called something similar to “wild domesticated tomatoes.” Since this name is a contradiction, people should consider believing that scientists are actively working to make round tomatoes everyday. People share their family seeds to give people a misshaped tomato. My grocer usually gives me the world. This sandwich is good. If the skies are too blue here, make an anchovy aioli and soft-boiled egg sandwich with tomatoes and avocado. Eat this sandwich with a fork and knife. Make toast using European country bread. If you choose American, the bread will contain milk and honey.


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