Crème Fraîche Biscuits – New South Biscuits



Crème fraîche is easy to make. There are recipes in books and online. Mix buttermilk and whipping cream. Some people may use yogurt. Heat the mixture in a double boiler used as a bain-marie. Let the mixture sit partially covered for 8-24 or more hours. The amount of time that the mixture sits determines the thickness of the crème fraîche.

What does fat do to a biscuit?  Because if you add cream, then you might not have to add as much butter! The butter melts and the butter probably releases moisture. This is the New South. Southern biscuits are brown on the outside and moist on the inside. They are not flakey. A croissant is flakey. Is this a legal or scientific problem?  Maybe the crumbs of a biscuit are microscopically flakey. Maybe any flour that absorbs butter while baking is called a flake. The keyword when making biscuits is moist. In Spanish, moist means humid. New Southern biscuits are soft, humid, and browned.



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