Pinterest – Serious Popular Research Tool


I read a WordPress article yesterday on noodles in Chongqing. The name of the article is Chongqing’s Number One Noodle Obsessive. I wanted to find a recipe for making xiaomian and a hotpot. A hotpot may be comparable to beef fondue. I believe people make beef fondue by making a broth for flavoring raw pieces of beef.

The most exciting place for finding popular information is Pinterest. There is information on many things. Some things are: photography, food, art, Photoshop, food photography, recipes, and places. I am going to use Pinterest to master making gluten free noodles to serve with Sichuan consommé. I am going to prepare for a chili contest! I am going to make a recipe for Sichuan chili powder and Chongqing chili with yellow beans. I am going to make Chinese chili paste using my imagination for making American chili powder with dried Mexican chili peppers. I am going to conquer Chinese noodles by making a Chinese version of Cincinnati chili. Someday people will be excited when they read my recipe for Sichuan chili (on noodles).


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