Cooking And Budgeting Using Excel

Cooking And Budgeting Using ExcelCooking requires money. Learning to be creative while budgeting can be difficult. A budget can destroy the opportunity of a person to be spontaneous. But planning and executing menus for an entire month is a talent. I included a link to an Excel spreadsheet. Books with thousands of pages are made to explain how Excel works. Excel can be used online for free. The pictures below highlight the most important feature for making spread sheets for preparing a monthly budget. Someone should be able to learn by observation and experimentation. Books and the WWW can answer questions also. The thing I want to show people is that a person can calculate numbers between spread sheets. The circled regions can be copied and modified to permit someone to create their own spread sheets. This is used by engineers and mathematicians to do statistics. I type every ingredient for a dish and then calculate the cost based on the inventory in my pantry!. Replace ingredients with the item entries. Create a list using Word. And then copy and paste it into Excel. You may have to use Notepad for this to work efficiently. My favorite shortcut using Word is shift+F3. This shortcut may not work using Word Online. Make a list and use this shortcut to change the case or capitalization of the items in the list.

Note: 1) many stores where I live have online shopping websites where I can find the prices of most items

Cooking And Budgeting Using Excel 1
Cooking And Budgeting Using Excel 1
Cooking And Budgeting Using Excel 2
Cooking And Budgeting Using Excel 2

Download The Spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet 1

Spreadsheet 2


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