Is Being Superstitious Charismatic? – Science And Timbre

Sound Waves

I am from a place where superstition makes people millions of dollars per day. Oppressing and threatening people with ideas that cannot be immediately understood may be the most attractive part of many cultures. The most oppressive people may have the most charisma (see British definition also). Being offensive* can be a strategy. Working, thinking, and measuring, searching for natural laws, testing hypothesis, and making theories SHOULD BE NORMAL. Desiring liberation and miracles SHOULD BE NORMAL. The video below explains how someone can understand timbre physically to make an objective definition. If there is a difference, the difference can be measured. Problem solving is the real money maker. The things that Einstein thought about have made billions and trillions of dollars of business possible. Most people lack the talents of Einstein. Lacking genius is not a good reason for dismissing the importance of being rational. Rewarding people for being superstitious may condition people to tolerate corruption. I believe that the average person can benefit from understanding objectivity to eliminate superstition. I would prefer going to a gymnasium to prepare to do my exercises to solve problems intelligently with experience. I want to be talented. Important people use science to maximize profits, to find the most efficient strategy for making money. People are searching for the face of their creator at the horizon of the universe. Where someone is smiling at you. Maybe you will be the next sacrifice.

Watch The Video:

Sound Waves: “The Nature of Sound” 1947 Coronet Instructional Films

* In English, in places where I have lived, the word offensive is used and pronounced differently in different situations. When a team or army works to score or advance, the team or army plays offensively, which is pronounced aw-fen-siv-ly. When a person is not obeying a common etiquette, the person is behaving offensively, which is pronounced of-fen-siv-ly. Playing to win must be offensive.


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