Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 1


I used to eat couscous when I went backpacking. My friend was trained how to prepare exciting foods while living in the wilderness. We would leave the city ready to have a Middle Eastern or Arab feast. He taught us how to make bread in a frying pan. We ate couscous, tabouli, bread, and rice with seasonings. We ate many other things as we became more experienced.

When I made couscous using a method from a book on French cooking, I became very excited. Couscous hydrated with water was not exciting enough. In Morocco, couscous is cooked in a pot called a couscoussière (pronunciation). The pot is designed to steam couscous. I do not have any special equipment. The French method uses a frying pan. This method gives this grain a new life in my kitchen.

I planned on making more couscous since I had half a bottle of harissa from Stonewall Kitchen in my refrigerator from Christmas dinner. Harissa is a hot sauce made with peppers, herbs, spices, and possibly other ingredients. This harissa is a Tunisian recipe that contains olive oil. The sauce is mild, sweet and refreshing. The flavor is very fresh. Because I was excited, I got French harissa by Dea from France. This is a hot paste that includes garlic. The recipe is also from Tunisia. I have a recipe from Morocco, but I am excited to use the harissa from the market.

Couscous With Harissa And Vegetables

Download The Recipe:

Harissa Couscous


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