Egg Salad Sandwich With Dill

The Sandwich

This is a great sandwich that I saw on Facebook from The New York Times. People can learn a lesson from this recipe. The lesson is that someone can control the texture of the egg salad by not using so many egg whites. This recipe uses 4 whole hardboiled eggs, and 4 cooked yolks. Using less egg whites makes the egg salad less chunky. The greater proportion of egg yolks gives the egg salad a richer flavor. I used twice as much dill.

I made white sandwich bread. I was not able to quickly interpret all of the instructions in the recipe without experience. When I was younger, I shaped the dough into a loaf with my hands. I used a new set of instructions. In the future, I will have to roll the dough differently until the log of dough is longer. Then I will be able to tuck the tapered ends of the log beneath the loaf. There are YouTube videos that give demonstrations for shaping a loaf of sandwich bread with both methods. I will post a picture when I make sandwich bread in the future.

Follow The Link To The Recipe:

Eli Zabar’s Egg Salad Sandwich

Follow The Link To Observe Me Make Bread Dough:

Rally In The Kitchen: Using The Dough Hook To Mix And Knead


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