Vespa Pizza


What is the most parsimonious combination of ingredients for having the necessary and sufficient flavors for being excited to believe that your creation is a masterpiece? The VESPA pizza! The Wasp. One of my favorite places to visit on the world wide web is Tastemade. There Frankie introduces people to European foods that are not the flavor of dishwater. Thin crust. Maybe a thin gluten free crust. San Marzano tomatoes. Fresh mozzarella. Lemons. Garlic. Olive oil. Salt. Red pepper flakes. Basil. Honey. Sea salt makes this even better. Make pizza dough in advance by freezing it. Since a can of San Marzano tomatoes is usually big, freeze portions of the sauce to use in the future. I had to reduce the frozen tomato sauce since thawed tomatoes usually float in water. Watch how Frankie suggests people should revive a cold pizza in a frying pan. Serve the pizza with lemon peels in ice water. There is nothing on this pizza that is not required for making the exact and unique flavor of this pizza. Nothing can be subtracted. Nothing should be added. A table has to have a leg to be a table. Vespa pizza does not exist without these ingredients.

Making The Pizza

Reheating The Pizza

Follow The Links To Watch The Videos And To Download The Recipes:

Vespa Pizza

Ultimate Pizza Reheat Hack

Thin Crust Pizza Dough



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