Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 3


There is no harissa in this variation. I have no memories of the flavor of couscous. To appreciate harissa, I had to prepare couscous without harissa. The flavor of cooked couscous is sweet. Couscous can be slightly browned. Couscous is delicate and absorbs the flavor of the stock. This sweet and savory couscous was rewarding.

Couscous is a great grain. Adding harissa is not necessary to appreciate couscous. This is a great recipe that is based on my previous experiment minus the harissa. Next week I will use 2 tablespoons of harissa to 2 cups water. I am finally prepared to know the flavor of DEA harissa.

When I freeze vegetables including tomatoes, I usually have to strain them to remove the water. If I am making stock, I add the water to the stock. I usually use stock when making pasta sauces with frozen tomatoes. The stock in this recipe was used to dissolve the harissa and to add more flavor to the couscous.


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