Polenta And Seared Chicken Breasts With White Wine And Lemon Juice


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This is easy to prepare. Polenta requires 30 minutes to cook, but since I work in my kitchen so much lately, I enjoy cooking polenta. I cook the polenta in a big saucepan that coincidentally has the shape and appearance of an Italian polenta pot. The polenta is thick. Steam whistles as the water evaporates while the polenta cooks. The polenta must be stirred often.

Note: 1) Where I shop, I only knew there was pre-cooked polenta until I discovered a bag of course corn grits sold as polenta; this excited me because pre-cooked polenta is expensive, 2) in general, double the amount of liquid to make creamy polenta, 3) consider using milk when making creamy polenta

I sauté and sear chicken breasts in olive oil above medium heat for seven minutes on each side. After about 4 minutes on the second side, I sometimes deglaze the pan with white wine and lemon juice. Last week I used Riesling. This week I used a maison blanc. Moist seared chicken breasts flavored with white wine and lemons excite my senses with great aromas and tangy flavors. The sight of seared meat must be as exciting as being with a flirtatious partner (8.

Brillat-Savarin (pronunciation) argues that sexual desire is one of six senses of a person that people should understand to appreciate gastronomy. He enjoyed celebrating life while nourishing himself with good company. Many cultures associate food with romance. When I studied biology, sexual selection and reproduction were interesting topics. People argued that reproduction was the meaning of life. Brillat-Savarin wrote the book The Physiology of Taste.



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