Gummy Bears Experiment 1


The flavor of these gummy strips was incomparable. They were sweet and tangy. The texture of the gummy strips was soft and chewy. The texture was satisfying. I used lime juice, citric acid, sugar, and corn syrup to sweeten these gummy strips. These gummy strips were better than any fruit flavored candy I have ever eaten. This recipe is great!

Gummy bears are not sticky and gummy bears may be less stretchy. The stretchiness can probably be eliminated by using more gelatin, but I lack the experience or knowledge for knowing how to reduce the stickiness using the ingredients in this recipe. I will have to think about this recipe and I will have to do some research. If covering the gummy bears with corn starch was normal, I would probably only have to add more gelatin to eliminate the stretchiness of these strips.

To make multi-colored and multi-flavored gummy strips, make half of the recipe with one type of juice and food coloring. Wait for the gelatin to set. Make the other half of the recipe with another type of juice and food coloring. Then, pour the second mixture over the first. The final product will be gummy strips with two colors and two flavors.

Note: 1) there should not be any foam on the gelatin when the gelatin is mixed with the sugar mixture; the gelatin should be clear when the gelatin is mixed with the sugar mixture

Download The Recipe:

Gummy Bears Experiment 1

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