Strawberry Coulis And A Gelatin Mold Made With Strawberry Coulis


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Note: 1) using the recipe below, 5 cups of strawberries makes about 4 cups of coulis, I used 2 envelopes of gelatin to make a mold with 4 cups of strawberries

A coulis (pronunciation) is a fruit or vegetable puree. I am planning on making a cheese cake with swirls. This coulis is sweet and tart. There are sweeter recipes on the internet. A powerful blender appears to eliminate the step in many recipes that requires a person to strain the puree. This is also my first step for having the experience to start canning. I want to make Cajun or Creole pepper jelly. Knowing how to make sauces with fruit or sugar will assist me to make better desserts. The flavor of this coulis excited me to desire mixing this coulis with vanilla ice cream or to make Strawberry Melba. The flavor and texture of the gelatin mold made with strawberry coulis are incomparable. A slice of this mold is EVERYTHING that I wanted to experience. Strawberries should remind people that Earth is a great place to call home.

Download The Recipe:

Strawberry Coulis


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