Blend ‘N Gel


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A basic blend ‘n gel makes a fine light dessert. Fine foods give people just enough flavor to be excited. This experience usually gives someone the most amount of opportunity to experience the unique flavor or flavors of food. This is a vanilla blend n’ gel. Substituting 1 cup of milk with cream may make a richer dessert. Adding more sugar may make this blend ‘n gel more indulgent.

Download The Recipe:

Blend ‘N Gel


4 thoughts on “Blend ‘N Gel

    1. There is a list and examples for each of the different types of desserts described at the Knox gelatin website on my blog post “Working With Gelatin 4 – Butterscotch Cheesecake.” The list might introduce you to other desserts that you may enjoy. The “search” feature can be used to find hidden blog posts.

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