Boudin Balls And Osmazome

Boudin Balls And Osmazome


Note: 1) the filling for the boudin balls and the remoulade sauce should be made 1 day in advance because the filling may not be sticky enough to form a ball and because the flavor of the sauce will be better, 2) the flavor of cornichons is very exciting in this sauce if the sauce is made 1 day in advance, 3) half of the amount of remoulade sauce is probably sufficient

I discovered boudin balls when Chef Tanya was approached by Foodbeast to compete to create a slider for White Castle. The instant I saw someone making food from Louisiana in a big city I became excited. She breaded a sausage ball and smothered it with shrimp étouffée (pronunciation) or remoulade. Boudin is a type of sausage, boudin balls are fried sausages without casings [1]. Tanya is from the New South in my book. Since ingredients from Europe are popular in America, she appeared to be inspired by French recipes. As a general rule, the French recipes for things made in America probably have more delicate flavors.

There are several recipes on YouTube for making Boudin Balls but I used a recipe by Chef John at Allrecipes [1][2]. This recipe is from my favorite cookbook. There are no flaws. The choice of every ingredient is perfect. The flavor and texture of the boudin balls is better than I could have imagined. The outside of a ball is light and crispy, while the inside is rich and moist. The flavor of the pork and liver combined with the heat from the peppers and fresh scallions and parsley is exciting.

Remoulade sauce may be different than remoulade. In some books, remoulade may be a salad. The recipe I used for making Remoulade Sauce A La New Orleans was also from Allrecipes. This sauce was equally good. This sauce is not from the New South. In the New South, people are inspired by using European ingredients and cooking techniques. The sauce contains chili sauce, which makes the sauce have a strong flavor. This is a sauce from America that cannot fail to give someone the experience of eating food from Louisiana. This is the type of sauce that would have been served in popular restaurants when I was young.

There are at least 6 options when making remoulade sauce: 1) French style, 2) American style, 3) without capers or cornichons, 4) with capers and without cornichons, 5) with cornichons and without capers, 6) with capers and cornichons. The Remoulade Sauce A La New Orleans may be too strong to completely appreciate the flavor of cornichons, but I put them in half of the sauce. I do not prefer the flavor of salt and the briny flavor of capers mixed together. Reducing the amount of salt may eliminate this experience. Chef Tanya introduced me to cornichons, which led me to French recipes for remoulade sauce. I recommend using cornichons.

There is a gastronomically significant conversation that people should have when examining a recipe for boudin balls. Brillat-Savarin uses the term osmazome to describe the chemicals that someone removes from meat when boiling meat. Boiled meat appears to have no flavor. The broth contains the flavor that was in the meat. I am shocked that I do not know an English word for this substance. Since the broth is returned to the filling of the Boudin balls, and since less than 2 cups of broth were required to make the filling. I am suggesting that people slowly roast the meat and make less than a quart of vegetable broth. Otherwise, someone must completely reduce the broth to put the osmazome in the filling. I became worried and upset when I thought that I might have to waste the broth and when I believed that my filling lacked flavor. If I had not been informed about cooking, I would have not enjoyed myself. I would have ignorantly wasted my osmazome and eaten a bland meal.

Brillat-Savarin suggests that he does not prefer eating boiled meat. Since boiling meat puts the osmazome in the water, boiled meat has less flavor. He calls boiled meat bouilli. I believe that someone making a French version of Boudin Balls should consider not boiling the meat. The meat should be roasted. The drippings in the roasting pan should be added to vegetable broth. This method would eliminate people from eating bouilli. The texture of the boudin balls may not change significantly. A finer flavor may be created by the caramelized edges of the roasted meat.

I liked Foodbeast on Facebook because burrito pornography makes me excited about life. Some websites from France also seem to make food emanate the excitement of voluptuousness. Associating food with love is so exciting. I wish people could share my enthusiasm when they observe my pictures. In the Western tradition, I believe that people can easily establish that love is a word used by someone to express their thankfulness for being given the opportunity, miracles, to enjoy life. I am able to express my thankfulness when I am conditioned appropriately.


Broth And Meat

Osmazome (Flavor From The Meat)

Remoulade Sauce A La New Orleans

Making The Boudin Balls

I recommend only using half of the amount of salt and black pepper in these recipes.

Follow The Links To Download The Recipes:

Boudin Balls

Remoulade Sauce A La New Orleans

1. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (Author), M.F.K. Fisher (Translator), Bill Buford (Introduction): The Physiology of Taste: Or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy (New York: Vintage Classics, 2011).

2. “Chef Tanya’s Cajun White Castle Burger – Chicago | For the Love of the Slider.” YouTube video, 6:31. Posted by “FOODBEAST,” October 25, 2016 .


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