Blueberry, Blackberry And Kirschwasser Coulis And A Gelatin Mold

Blueberry, Blackberry And Kirschwasser Coulis And A Gelatin Mold


I am a frugivorous (fruit eating) person. I made this using my recipe for Strawberry Coulis And A Gelatin Mold Made With Strawberry Coulis. I substituted the lemon juice with kirschwasser. The kirsch makes this extremely fruity. This is one of my favorites. The bread pan that I used does not make the best mold.

Using literature and his imagination, Brillat-Savarin gives a history of gastronomy. He introduces people to our ancestors that once ate raw flesh. He describes how people discovered fire. Using the Iliad and the Bible, Brillat-Savarin demonstrates that people in ancient Greece roasted meat, and that the people in the Bible had metal tools, brass bowls, and clay pots. Later in Greece, people laid on couches at banquets while eating and drinking wine. Romans originally had poor manners. Romans obtained their manners from Greece. He describes that the excitement at banquets was limited by not having alcohol. Romans did not have sugar but Brillat-Savarin explains that they enriched wine, which he believes suggests that the Romans were searching for the recipe for making alcohol.

In the Late 17th century, people in France had sugar and Louis XIV created brandy. Supposedly, Louis XIV originally made brandy using some type of pear. Long before the time of Louis XIV, Christianity discarded the manners of the Romans and the Greeks. Christianity put people at a table sitting upright. Great banquets were eliminated. During the time of Louis XIV, people ate something similar to a Thanksgiving dinner with alcohol, which is very different from eating at a banquet where people serve 5,000 tongues from ostriches, or fish preserved in jars of honey.

In the time of Brillat-Savarin, restaurants became fashionable. People had the option of visiting a place to pay cash to eat food. “A (restaurant is a) business (that) consists in offering to the public a repast which is always ready, and whose dishes are served in set portions at set prices, on the order of those people who wish to eat them.”


How to Make Alcohol from Common Table Sugar

How to Make Homemade Brandy

1. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (Author), M.F.K. Fisher (Translator), Bill Buford (Introduction): The Physiology of Taste: Or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy (New York: Vintage Classics, 2011), Meditations 27-28.


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