Hamburgers On Brioche Buns

Hamburgers On Brioche Buns


This was the most satisfying burger I have ever eaten. I made the brioche buns. These hamburgers might be ready for the world if I use a 1/4 pound patty. Using twice as much sauce may make 1/2 pound brioche burgers even more exciting. I did not believe that these burgers were too big because I was able to eat them without any problems. I have made gourmet burgers that were difficult to eat because they were too big.

Notes: 1) I shredded the lettuce by cutting the head of lettuce using the technique for cutting a cabbage into wedges; I cut the wedges lengthwise to make strips

Cooking The Hamburgers And Toasting The Buns

The Hamburger

Download The Recipe For The Remoulade Sauce:

Remoulade Burger Sauce

Brioche Burger Buns


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