Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart


After I read that quiche is an essential part of French cookery, I started to plan a new menu. I found a quiche and tart pan online. There were three available at the downtown store. After a short ride on the bus, I was ready to shop. The recipe for this strawberry tart was on the package. Every part of this recipe is exciting. The crust is sweet. The cream cheese is sweet. The pureed jam is sweet. The strawberries were berry delicious and tart. The recipe uses hot jelly to put a glaze over the strawberries. I pureed jam. This is a fine and delicate tart.

Note: 1) jelly is usually very sweet; jelly may make the tart more instantly gratifying

Jelly is made without the flesh of the fruit. The juices from the fruit are separated from the flesh using a jelly bag. I was thinking that if I made jelly quickly, I would use a strainer and cheesecloth. First I would use a strainer to separate the juice from the flesh, and then I would use the strainer with several layers of cheesecloth to remove fine particles from the juice. I would have to make an experiment to determine which method yields the greatest amount of juice. During the time of Brillat-Savarin or maybe Escoffier, people pureed things with a mortar or pestle, or a sieve. I was reading in a foot note by M. F. K. Fisher that making a fine puree of mushrooms with a sieve is inconvenient. Rubbing several pounds of mushrooms though a sieve may not be exciting.

Download The Recipe:

Strawberry Tart


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