Jalapeno Popper Dip with Bacon And Colossal Gulf Shrimp

Jalapeno Popper Dip with Bacon And Colossal Gulf Shrimp


Looking at food on the internet can invite someone to be spontaneous. I wanted something different. This jalapeno popper dip with bacon appeared to be exciting. I have had a couple of jalapeno poppers in my lifetime. I remembered how much I enjoyed eating molten cream cheese. The bread crumbs add a great texture to this dip.

Seafood with a lot of flavor is special. These gulf (gulf of Mexico) shrimp had enough flavor to be satisfying. Seafood with too much flavor can be scary. I remember believing that shrimp from a Chinese market were insects. I sautéed these shrimp in bacon grease, butter, and lemon juice. I seasoned the shrimp with ancho chili powder.

This was a nice fiesta. Someday I will try the dip using mayo rather than sour cream. I also thought about roasting the jalapenos. The person who introduced me to this recipe may be from Las Vegas, Nevada. I lived in Las Vegas in 1984. I remember traveling on the Strip. The summer Olympics were in Los Angeles. There was an elevated train that may have traveled to Circus Circus. Leberochi was still living.

I have visited a casino everyday for a couple of weeks. I have visited Las Vegas more recently. I believe that I visited a museum for Elvis.  I have been to Graceland. The museum may have closed.  Even more recently, I visited the strip on a trip to San Diego. I enjoy the heat of a desert. I also have traveled through Northern Nevada. I am thinking about gold, woman, and an airshow in Reno.

Someday, I know that I will be a professional and a member of the casino industry. Golfing will be my foremost pastime (8. President Donald Trump knew that President Obama played 333 games of golf. Golf is becoming more popular everyday. I dream about my vacation at Mar-a-Lago, a Trump Club. The Trump name already rivals Hilton and Marriott where I live (Hilton hotel, Marriott hotel, Trump hotel).

Follow The Link To Download The Recipe:

Jalapeno Popper Dip with Bacon


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