French Bread

French Bread


These pictures include several ideas that are not necessary to perform while baking bread. Without a baguette pan the baguette will be short and wide. This loaf may have the appearance of a hoagie roll. I used some techniques in books for shaping a loaf. I also used a ring made with aluminum foil and straight pins. I observed Julia Child use straight pins while making a collar for a soufflé. I used egg wash before baking the loaf in these pictures. If the egg wash is used during the final minutes of baking, the loaf is usually glossy. This loaf was less glossy. I usually use less salt. The recipe also contains the original amounts for salt. A lame is a razor tool used for cutting patterns on dough. Some books explain that the patterns are necessary because the surface of the bread might tear while rising in the oven. I believe that loaves of bread with patterns made with a lame are more attractive. A dull knife cannot usually cut patterns on dough. A sharp knife can cut slits on dough. I used parchment paper. Coating a pan with oil, butter, or fat and flour is probably a good alternative. On this particular baking sheet, I am able to bake some things and French bread without parchment paper or coating the pan. Other things are destroyed without using paper or without coating the pan. The ring should probably be less wide to increase the amount of surface area exposed to the heat of the oven. I am able to fold this ring one more time effortlessly.

Note: 1) I should have coated the ring with oil and flour

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French Bread


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