Poulet à la Crème

Poulet à la Crème


This is a great recipe. Using the recipes of Jacque Pépin to make timeless meals, reminds me of being with my father. This is an exceptional recipe. I used crimini mushrooms. Since crimini mushrooms may be Italian, they may not be the first choice of Jacque Pépin. The sauce is creamy, it has a nutty flavor, and the sauce is perfectly seasoned. Tarragon has a refreshing flavor that complements this savory sauce. Some people may want to remove the meat momentarily from the pan to deglaze the pan before adding the mushrooms.

Download The Recipe:

Poulet à la Crème

1. Jacques Pépin: Heart & Soul in the Kitchen (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2015), 199.


8 thoughts on “Poulet à la Crème

      1. They both have a “nutty” flavor. I do not have enough experience to say if they are similar. Porcini mushrooms are dried where I shop. The flavor is put in stock or broth by steeping them. Porcinis are called cepes in Europe. If cepes are “nutty” I would be excited. But since they are dried where I live, a person would need about a 1/2 cup of them to give a sauce a strong mushroom flavor by steeping them in the water of the sauce. I cannot be exact because I lack experience.


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