This is sushi from my favorite market. A man that makes the sushi usually greets me enthusiastically. This is a crispy crab roll with spicy mayo and Japanese BBQ sauce. Behind the little grass fence, there is ginger and wasabi. These flavors are refreshing. I enjoy eating sushi because sushi is light, and because sushi makes me powerful! I remember eating fresh sashimi in Alaska. A Japanese man that talked to me about being upset because his children regularly ate at McDonalds gave me a fresh fillet of sockeye salmon from the river! I visited a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, Canada where various types of sushi are served to people by having the sushi float on a river of water behind a counter. People take the sushi that they desire. This seems similar to dim sum. I have been to a dim sum restaurant in San Francisco. San Francisco was busy when I was young. I enjoy eating in the Bay Area. My first image of San Francisco was on a foggy day, after crossing the Bay Bridge. There was an Indian man with a turban walking near a bar called the “Ends Up.” Things appear to have changed dramatically, because I was thrilled by the opportunity to be a laser smooth member of a strong community. Men preferred male lovers with smooth skin. Then AIDS killed the fantasy for everyone. I doubt current news papers include invitations to hardcore events. Los Angeles can be exciting too (SoCal, SoNo, Golden). My appreciation for fine cuisine has taken me to amazing places. I have been to the Wharf many times. My relatives gave me money to entertain myself at the Wharf while they had dinner once when I was young. This was very exciting. I have eaten sushi in Japan town. Bubblegum skies, love connections, the sea… sushi. I am thinking edibles, 420… I forget to mention that I upgraded at the Exploratorium. If you knew me personally, then you would know that I use the word system for culture. I upgraded my potential for having cultural opportunities, system, by searching for something at the Exploratorium. This has proved invaluable for the family, and for pursuing my interests in gastronomy.


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