Chicken With Chile And Lime

Chicken With Chile And Lime


I am going to perfect making this recipe. The flavors in this recipe are exciting. I lost a lot of flavor by not knowing how to put spices and vegetables on the chicken. The recipe was not very helpful. The author instructed me to mixed minced garlic and chilies with spices. Sprinkling wet blobs of spices stuck to vegetables on a chicken did not seem to be a successful strategy. Next time I will pound the garlic and chilies to make a paste. After I spread the paste on the chicken, I will sprinkle the spices on the chicken. I was thinking about making a spicy compound butter to rub under the skin, but the picture of the recipe shows deeply caramelized spices on the skin of the roasted chicken.

I watched several videos before roasting my first chicken. The information that I have is from Jacques Pépin and Thomas Keller [1][2]. They roast chickens in oven safe fry pans. Following their instructions, I removed the wishbone and I trussed the chicken [3][4]. Removing the wishbone supposedly permits a knife to fall through the breast when carving a chicken. The legs and wings of a raw chicken are spread open (or out) when someone puts a chicken on a cutting board. When the chicken is spread open, the chicken can be difficult to handle, it cannot be browned easily in a pan, and the legs and wings may roast more quickly than the breast. To avoid these problems, people truss the chicken. Trussing the chicken also helps keep stuffing inside the chicken.

Practice trussing the chicken after rinsing it with cold water and after drying the chicken by patting it with paper towels. The technique of Jacque Pepin is very simple and it pushes the breast upwards. This is attractive and the technique probably eliminates the legs from overlapping the edges of the breast meat. Other people do not appear to be concerned about pushing the breast meat upward when trussing the chicken. I cut the wing tips from this chicken, but next time I want to twist them under the bird; I want to place them akimbo.

Download The Recipe:

Chicken With Chile And Lime

1. Barbara Grunes: Williams-Sonoma: Roasting (New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2002), 30.


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