Food Blog: Managing Messages And Blog Posts

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Managing Emails

Note: 1) I do not organize email in folders because that strategy requires too much time; the filter works faster when there are lots of emails because there are fewer buttons to press

These are some helpful features for organizing emails. Exploring blogs has put tons of messages in my inbox.

Pic 3

Pic 12
Pic 4.png

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Using The Narrator And Changing The Speed Of The Voice Of The Narrator

Pic 5
Pic 16
Pic 17

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This Is How I Read News Articles And Blog Posts, I Put Several Of Them In A Folder And Quickly Edit Them To Use The Narrator, My Instructions For Rapidly Troubleshooting The Narrator Are On A Different Page, Try To Highlight Text In A Notepad Document For The Narrator To Read Once Everything Seems To Be Working Well

Pic 1Pic 2

Pic 6Pic 7Pic 8Pic 9Pic 10Pic 11

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Highlighting Text And Using The Keyboard Enables Someone To Use A Computer More Proficiently


Shift+Arrow Keys

Ctrl+Shift+(Arrow Or Home Or End)

Shift+(Home Or End)

Highlight Something And Then Shift+F3 (This Might Not Work On Office Online)

Highlight Everything In A Folder And Rename One File To Rename All The Files

Most Of These Shortcuts Work With Files In A Window

Pic 14Pic 13Pic 15

My Blogging Notes Page


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