Blueberry And Tangerine Jam And Blueberry And Blackberry Syrup

Blueberry And Tangerine Jam And Blueberry And Blackberry Syrup



(There Are Links To The Recipes Below)

Note: 1) each pancake is made with 1/4 cup of batter

I always wanted to know how to make all these things. After an exciting time in Tijuana and San Diego, I ate blueberry syrup at an IHOP in a desert in California. Since then, I occasionally searched for blueberry syrup, but I never found it. Today I unveil my most exciting breakfast menu. Pancakes, butter, blueberry and tangerine jam, and blueberry and blackberry syrup with a huge French omelet with fine herbs. I serve this with milk. The food in this blog post FULFILLED AND EXCEEDED THE ANTICIPATED EXCITEMENT of several of my forgotten desires.

I made the pancakes by using Bisquick and a heavy aluminum non-stick fry pan that can double as a griddle. Brushing butter on the pan before cooking each pancake browned the pancakes with a pattern. Without using the butter, the pancakes would be browned without a pattern. They would resemble pancakes in American restaurants. I used a timer, on my microwave, to cook each side of the pancakes for 2 minutes. The temperature of the stove and the timing could be adjusted to change how the pancakes are browned. Each pancake required 4 minutes of cooking time. This French omelet was inspired by Julia Child.

Blueberry And Tangerine

Blueberry And Blackberry Syrup

Sparkling Blueberry And Blackberry Soda

This was in a blog post entitled Grapefruit Julius Made With Buttermilk, Sparkling Blackberry Soda, Strawberries And Crème Fraîche.

Putting Everything Together

I have a category on French omelets.

Download The Recipes:

Blueberry Jam Made With Gelatin

Blueberry Syrup (This Recipe May Not Be Reliable)


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