Apple & Butterscotch Cobbler with Pecan Streusel

Apple & Butterscotch Cobbler with Pecan Streusel



Each part of this recipe seems to be an essential technique from the culinary arts. Most of these parts are seasoned. The flavors are intense and exact. When all the parts are combined, the cobbler is perfect. I have never eaten something that reminded me how much I enjoy eating American food. The flavor of the butterscotch restored my childhood memories of eating candy. The flavor of the streusel was exciting. I feel alive after I enjoy eating a recipe by Thomas Keller. I did not understand the potential of the ingredients in my pantry. Knowing the essential ideas of cooking is important. This is the best cobbler I have ever eaten.

I halved the recipe. The recipe is broken into four parts: 1) making the streusel, 2) preparing the apples, 3) making the butterscotch, 4) and making the crust. I was able to buy the pecans from a bulk container. They cost me 54 cents. I used a pastry blender to make the streusel. The apples are probably coated with flour to make the butterscotch stick to the apples. I used sour cream because my budget would not permit me to buy or make crème fraîche. The sour cream was very flavorful. I forgot how much I enjoyed the flavor of sour cream. The buttermilk flavor in the crème fraîche may change the flavor of the cobbler.

Note: 1) make the butterscotch similarly to sugar syrup; do not permit the mixture to stick to the sides of the pan, 2) I used a thermometer to keep the oven temperature at 350°F/180°C, this appears to have browned the top of the cobbler too much

The First Cobbler

The Second Cobbler, The Burning Starts After About 55 minutes In My Oven, Maybe Put A Piece Of Foil Over The Cobbler At Some Point


Download The Recipe:

Apple & Butterscotch Cobbler with Pecan Streusel


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