Roasted 8 Piece Chicken With Romesco Sauce

Roasted 8 Piece Chicken With Romesco Sauce





Note (1 – 3 are from a recipe on a box of  Bisquick): 1) if the appearance of this roasted chicken is offensive, bread the chicken, and possibly add Italian cheese to the breading, 2) increase the temperature to 425°F/220°C, 3) cook the chicken skin down on the roasting pan for 25 minutes, and then flip the chicken over to cook and brown for 15 minutes, 4) searing the chicken in a fry pan that will be used as a roasting pan is an option, but do not completely cook the chicken, roasting the meat may make the meat more juicy, 5) since these pieces of chicken are pale, they could be browned under the broiler for 3 to 4 minutes

This was very exciting. The sauce is mild, flavorful, and very interesting. I used a mortar and pestle to crush the toasted crusts and roasted almonds. These roasted bell peppers had the same sweet roasted flavor as roasted bell peppers from a jar. When I picked up a roasted bell pepper by the stem, the flesh fell from the stem. Since the seeds were attached to the stem, there was no work involved to prepare these roasted bell peppers. I could probably roast 10 bell peppers at a time. Red bell peppers are completely ripened green bell peppers. Yellow and orange bell peppers are partially ripened green bell peppers. The recipe for the sauce is from All About Roasting by Molly Stevens. I cut the chicken using techniques and videos from Jacques Pépin. I cut the breasts from the breastbone without splitting the breastbone with shears or a knife. A breast cut for fried chicken usually includes the breastbone attached to the breast meat [1]. The idea for the brine was from Thomas Keller.

Putting individual cloves of garlic on the roasting pan did not work. I had to roast the garlic covered with oil in foil. Since this chicken was packed in water, and since the meat releases water while thawing, probably because of cell damage, I eventually had a chicken in a bag filled with a lot of water. Many popular chickens are air cooled when being packaged. Air cooled chickens are probably better for dry salting. If the type of chicken I cooked today is frozen, I believe that it should be brined in the water that the meat releases after thawing. I had never brined a chicken. The experience was exciting! Every bite was flavorful. There was no dry meat. I do not believe that I will brine every chicken I cook, but this experience made me happy. I believed that I was being rewarded while ate this chicken. I felt alive.

I want to use the recipe of Thomas Keller for making brine. He uses lemons and herbs. The salt traveled through the meat, and supposedly, for scientific reasons, because of osmosis, the salt will also carry the flavor from herbs and seasonings through the meat. This brine only contains salt. I used 1 cup of Diamond Kosher salt in 1 gallon of water. Next time, I will use 1/2 cup. I want to know the difference.  1 cup of salt creates an exciting, flavorful, and juicy bird. I cooked the chicken a 400°F/200°C for 40 minutes. The large pieces were between 165°F/74°C to 175°F/80°C. If this is too exciting for some people, I would suggest a roasted chicken with giblet gravy.

Download The Recipe:

Romesco Sauce


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