Strawberry Confiture Episode 2

Strawberry Confiture Episode 2


I attempted to make this last week, but my stove was too hot. After adjusting the oven temperature knob and using a thermometer, I was able to roast the strawberries slowly for 24 hours at 170°F/77°C. This temperature does not appear on the knob. I had to experiment to find the correct position. I stirred the strawberries every 4 hours. I had to set my alarm to wake up to stir them during the night. Roasting strawberries gives strawberries a very different and pleasing flavor. This recipe is from the book of Jacques Pépin named Heart & Soul in the Kitchen. He mixes three pounds of whole strawberries with 3 cups of sugar in a roasting pan. He roasts them slowly for 24 hours. He puts the confiture in jars and he recommends serving it with ice cream.


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