Chili Con Carne Of Jacques Pépin

Chili Con Carne Of Jacques Pépin


Note: 1) the chili is more flavorful after being refrigerated overnight

This chili Con Carne is great. The recipe is interesting because it uses scallions and a lot of garlic. Simmering scallions in things similar to gumbo is popular in Louisiana. Chili is supposedly Texan cuisine because chili con carne supposedly originated in Texas. There must be some Cajun or Creole people in Texas where this recipe was created, because I thought it was the French version. Jacques Pépin says that this recipe is from San Quentin, a prison in California.

The chili is light. The flavor of the chili is mild. When the garnishes are added the flavor of the chili came to life. The contrast between the chili and red onions, cilantro, and Monterey Jack cheese is very exciting. The proportions that Jacques Pépin gives for the garnishes puts a salad on the top of the chili. If someone adds the salad, the chili is very exciting. I browned the meat and added the liquid from deglazing the pan to the water used in the recipe.

Download The Recipe:

Chili Con Carne Of Jacques Pépin


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