Searching For Recipes (By Looking At Pictures)

Searching For Recipes (By Looking At Pictures)

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Here are some visual notes on how I (desire to) search for recipes on the internet. I had a piece of quiche at a cheese store (while “searching for treasures”) that was soft and fluffy. Some people have the ability to find exciting recipes on the internet. I wondered if searching the internet might help me find a recipe. I like looking at pictures. Some people add flour and cream to their quiche. This appears to make the quiche firm. I started looking for pictures for a fluffy quiche with spinach when I found a recipe for Quiche Florentine. This recipe led me to a recipe that seemed simple and reliable. I have not compared the recipes. I want a simple filling and a flaky buttery crust. Looking at pictures made searching for recipes very exciting! I used this information to search for alambregorditas, and carnitas. It is almost Cinco de Mayo. Here are the pins that I made. Bloggers sometimes give people information that helps to complete the picture for an aspiring gastronome.

I use the information at the bottom about WordPress to check to determine if my blog posts correctly post on the WordPress website. This process is similar to debugging a program while programming, or debugging a webpage while creating a website. When I check to determine if my blog post appears in the categories I chose, I have the opportunity to observe people with similar interests. This process is usually very helpful and rewarding.

One time my blog posts did not appear. I corrected the problem by rescheduling my posts. This did not work reliably. I “fiddled” with the settings for a moment until my blog post reposted by changing the posting time. This can be used to schedule a post in the future. My dashboard address is Add /wp-admin/ to the end of your website address.

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Here is information about categories and tags that I put on my page Blogging Notes:

Category And Tags

After working to write an explanation on categories and tags, my only interesting observation is that there is no significant difference between categories and tags. Categories are different than tags because they are hierarchical and they appear in different places than tags in a blog post. When something cannot be conveniently nested under a top level category, a tag may be used to organize a blog post.

Categories vs. Tags

Why Aren’t My Posts Showing Up On The Topics Pages?

“If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).”

“You are misusing the tags feature. If you’ve been regularly using the ‘knitting’ tag on posts about Britney’s latest scandal, your blog might have been excluded from tag pages for a while.”

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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 3

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 3





The next time might be the winner. I added a top to the pizza. This worked great. I used a recipe in a cookbook for making a thick crust that the author of the cookbook called a deep dish crust. I went to Giordano’s. Someone shared their techniques for making deep dish pizza in a video. I believe they use a thin crust to make their deep dish pizza. A deep dish in the book that I was using may be called a thick crust when it is compared with a Chicago deep dish pizza.

I liked Giordano’s pizza. Each part of the pizza was flavorful. A deep dish pizza at Giordano’s usually costs less than making a deep dish at home. Giordano’s uses a cake pan with sides that are about 2-inches. These type of pans are in French cookbooks and they are hard to find in the neighborhood where I live without spending a lot of money or using an online retailer of bakeware.

Making a salad is something very important to Chef Thomas Keller. He shares at least three things that people should know about making a salad: 1) he suggests that a salad can be more attractively coated with dressing if someone pours the dressing on the sides of a bowl before tossing the salad, 2) people should consider seasoning the salad, rather than adding salt and pepper to the dressing, 3) each bite of a salad should contain a piece of each ingredient in the salad. He has exciting vinaigrette recipes. If I remember correctly, red vinegar and sherry vinegar mixed with Dijon is his workhorse. He does not suggest using this dressing for salads with delicate flavors.

Notes: 1) click on the link to see a picture that gives an example of how to make a deep dish pizza made in a springform pan more attractive, probably trim the dough to leave a 1-inch boarder, snip the dough every 1 1/2-inches with scissors, roll the dough toward the pie to create the design, and brush the crust with oil at some point while it bakes, The Jacques Pépin’s Complete Techniques may have some information on how to make designs with bread



The Salad

The Pizza

Download The Recipes:

Category: Deep Dish

Category: Thin Crust

1. Thomas Keller: ad hoc at home (New York: Artisan, 2009), 132-135.

Genoise And Strawberry Mousse Cake

Genoise And Strawberry Mousse Cake



I started with a recipe in a book of cooking techniques. Since I have very little experience baking, and since much of the information on genoise cakes may be difficult to use and understand without experience baking, I had to make this cake several times. The first recipe that I used may have suggested that a hand mixer should be used to beat the batter over a saucepan of hot water. My hand mixer and mixing bowl combination cannot thicken or triple the volume of the batter. In my kitchen, only a stand mixer can create the batter. The saucepan of hot water should be taken off the stove, and the batter should probably only be beaten over the water until it is barely warm. The batter may be warmed to melt the sugar and to create a liquid that can be beaten to create a smooth batter that does not contain course sugar crystals. Videos from Gourmet Magazine, Everyday Food, and The Jacques Pépin’s Complete Techniques were very helpful resources.

This cake uses the recipe of Jacques Pépin. His cake seems to have a perfect texture and flavor. I believe that Jacques Pépin is usually very exciting and reliable. I did not add vanilla because I did not believe that adding vanilla was authentic. In general, I believe that 3 eggs should be used to make an 8-inch genoise cake and 5 eggs should be used to make a 9-inch genoise cake. Various recipes on the internet use about 1 cup of sugar and about 1 cup of flour. Using more flour probably makes the cake more dense, and using more sugar probably makes the cake more sweet. I am going to make the original recipe I used in the future. It uses more sugar and flour than the recipe of Jacques Pépin.

The top of a genoise cake should probably be light yellow and soft, not browned. The baking times in the recipes that I observed are much longer than I required to make an attractively baked genoise cake. I would recommend checking a cake after 15 minutes. Because the cakes are leavened with air, the cakes might collapse if the oven door is opened before the cakes are firm. The best indicator might be the smell. The cakes are probably baked perfectly just after smelling an attractive sweet smell. The smell of the genoise browning is not as attractive as the sweet smell. Using Jacques Pépin’s recipe with a springform pan did not appear to work well.

Jacques Pépin says that if the cake is not enriched with butter, then the cake may only have to beaten for 5 minutes. Adding the butter may deflate the cake. Beating the batter for a longer period of time appears to prevent the batter from deflating. I added pictures that may prove that the batter deflates. I sprinkled the flour into the batter using a strainer while folding the batter with one hand. Folding a mixture that has been relaxed seems to take less effort. I explained what relaxing a mixture is in my blog post on soufflés. I mixed a cup of the batter with melted butter. Then, I folded the mixture into the batter.

Notes: 1) someone can put berries between the layers of cake to support the top layer of cake

Decorating The Cake

Baking The Genoise

Making The Mousse


Imbibing The Genoise With Light Syrup And Kirschwasser

Making The Genoise With A Hand Mixer (Fail)

Making The Genoise In A Springform Pan After Beating For 5  Minutes (Fail)

Making The Genoise In A Springform Pan After Beating For 10 Minutes (Remove Top With Knife)

Download The Recipes:

Genoise And Strawberry Mousse Cake


Strawberry Mousse

Light Syrup

1. Jeni Wright, Eric Treuille: Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques (New York: William Morrow And Company, Inc., 1996), 274, 281, 312-313, 315.

2. Jacques PépinJacques Pépin’s Complete Techniques (New York: Black Dog & Leventhal, 2001), 124-126, 608-610.

Mashed Potatoes Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce Served With Seasoned Roasted Pork Shoulder

Mashed Potatoes Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce Served With Seasoned Roasted Pork Shoulder


This is a simple dinner with great flavors. I wrote about roasting the pork shoulder in my blog post Roasting Meat I: A Pork Shoulder. Put a special salt on the meat before serving. I flavored these mashed potatoes with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. A food mill pureed the potatoes. I boiled the potatoes in salt water. The sauce was made in a blender with butter, whipping cream, salt, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and adobo sauce. I remember how much Brillat-Savarin, known as the founder of gastronomy, appreciated roasted meat. He was a lawyer. Coincidentally, my interest in roasting meat was inspired by a recipe from the website of an attorney. The website is named REMCooks. A lawyer in America may be called an attorney. Using French cooking techniques to make Mexican food is exciting. I am ready to make sauces to serve over roasted meat.

Download The Recipe:

Mashed Potatoes Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce

Applesauce Made With Brown Sugar

Applesauce Made With Brown Sugar


This is applesauce made with half of the sugar substituted with brown sugar. The flavor was exciting after the applesauce sat around for a couple of days. I believe that the apple peels may have altered the flavor of this applesauce. If the apples are frozen with the peels, then they cannot be separated from the applesauce with a food mill. When I make applesauce with frozen apples, I use an immersion blender to puree the apples. This is very good apple sauce, but I had to wait several days before the flavor was exciting.

Download A Similar Recipe:


Working With Hot Sugar With Hands

Working With Hot Sugar With Hands


I wrote about working with hot sugar in my blog post Hot Sugar – Caramel Sauce – Pancakes. Before people used thermometers to make candy, people supposedly used their hands. People supposedly dipped their fingers in ice water and then put them into hot sugar. Ice water will protect the surface of the skin of a part of a hand for a moment. There are pictures of Raymond Oliver using this technique in his cookbook La Cuisine [1][2]. The technique is also mentioned in a book of techniques by the Le Cordon Bleu.

I could not immediately develop a strategy to lift enough sugar from the saucepan with my fingers to determine the hardness of the sugar. I used a spoon to put sugar in the ice water, or I poured sugar into the ice water. After the sugar cools, the hardness of the sugar can be determined. If the sugar is soft, then it can be shaped into a ball using the palms of the hands.


Rice Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce And A Mexican Spanish Tortilla Served With Sardines

Rice Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce And A Mexican Spanish Tortilla Served With Sardines


This is a time when I think about returning to my Pueblo Lindo, my pretty nation, the nice one. Mexican culture was a part of my home as a child. I made this dinner using my new skills. I was impressed. This was authentic and very exciting. The tortilla is made with Mexican chorizo, fried potatoes, scallions, garlic, and white mushrooms. The rice was made with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, adobo sauce, chicken stock, table salt, butter, and chopped onions. I put a link to download the recipe below. The sardines were in tomato sauce.

Note: 1) I thought about replacing the mushrooms with diced tomatoes (blanched and refreshed)

Here is a story I wrote in Spanish (Here is a link to read the translation):

El vidrio de la ventana es sólido. Una piedra es sólida. ¿Por qué la luz viaja a través de vidrio pero no una piedra? Hay muchos tipos de luz. Personas no pueden ver la mayoría de los tipos de luz. Los átomos del vidrio, los pedazos más pequeños de materia, transfieren la luz a través del vidrio. Hay un tipo de luz muy peligroso que se llama un rayo gamma, que puede viajar través del vidrio, pero la atmósfera protege la tierra de los rayos gamma. El tipo de luz que cambia el color de la piel no pueda viajar a través del vidrio. Por lo tanto, una persona no se puede poner un moreno a la piel por estar cerca de una ventana.

Download The Recipe:

Rice Flavored With Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce

Spanish Tortilla [1][2]