Chicken With Chili Sauce And Achiote Rice Of Jacques Pépin

Chicken With Chili Sauce And Achiote Rice Of Jacques Pépin






I have always wanted to know how to create the flavor of this rice. This is the first time that I have used dried chili peppers to make something in a casserole. The flavor of the rice reminds me of some great experience I had when I was young. I was very excited when I found annatto [1][2]. People use annatto to make achiote [1][2] paste. Some people suggest substituting saffron with annatto. This recipe makes me think about Mesoamerica, but people somewhere in Mexico may cook similar to this everyday. Mexican gastronomy is something that I am excited to know.  The combination of the chili sauce and the achiote rice creates a very pleasing flavor. The dried chilies create a mild and smoky flavor. Since I used a steel rondeau [1][2], I used some oil, and I deglazed the pan after cooking the chicken with the water used to make the rice. The texture of chayote [1][2][3] squash are similar to the texture of apples; the chayote squash is a pear shaped squash with the crisp texture more similar to an apple than a pear. Chayote squash have a delicate flavor when they are steamed, and maybe they have a stronger flavor that is similar to a combination of zucchini and yellow squash when they are stewed. The contrast between the smoky flavors of the chili sauce and the squash makes this recipe very healthy and refreshing. The amount of squash and the scallions may be the ingredients that make this recipe more French. I got the spices that I needed to make this recipe from Penzeys. These spices were very flavorful and aromatic. I am so excited to know that this store exists. I found Penzeys because a cookbook author named Molly Stevens described how exciting Aleppo Pepper is from this store. I would recommend this recipe to people that are ready to experience Mexican gastronomy.

Making Achiote Paste

10 Piece Chicken (“Bone In” Breasts)

Making Chili Sauce

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Achiote Paste

Chicken with Chili Sauce and Achiote Rice


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