Baked Rabbit With Mustard Crust And Sautéed Brussels Sprouts Of Jacques Pépin

Baked Rabbit With Mustard Crust And Sautéed Brussels Sprouts Of Jacques Pépin


This was a very successful dinner with Jacques Pépin. The rabbit was very good! I am so happy. This was my first rabbit. Rabbit meat is similar to chicken. The meat has a lot of flavor. The mustard crust was the best coating I had ever eaten on baked meat. I had to improvise because I did not have any bread. I am happy that I used fine bread crumbs. The Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon were great!

The rabbit was browned, coated with mustard, and the mustard was coated with bread crumbs mixed with garlic and olive oil. The rabbit was baked for 20 minutes at 425°F/220°C. The book with cooking techniques from the Le Cordon Blue has instructions for jointing a rabbit. Someone should consider using an old chef’s knife. I put a cloth over the spine of the knife near the tip of the blade and I pushed on the cloth while I pushed down on the handle. This permits me to use the knife as a lever and to use my body weight to cut rabbits and chickens. Someday I might have poultry shears, but until I have poultry shears, this is my technique for jointing poultry and game. The rabbit is cut where the legs meet the back, and where the ribs meet the back. After cutting at these places, there will be three pieces of rabbit. Each piece can then be split in half using my technique for jointing rabbits and chickens.

Notes: 1) when compared to chicken, the meat of a rabbit is all white meat, 2) rabbit meat is moist, 3) most of the meat is a little more firm than chicken meat

Sometimes a writer at the New York Times named Sam Sifton includes seminary lessons in his weekly emails. He mentions interesting things about religion during religious holidays. I have a philosophical background. I have included something humorous that I have written to understand Easter based on my interpretation of the Bible. A French person may call their interpretation of the Bible their hermeneutics.

Why Jesus Christ Had To Die, Ideas From 2017

Baked Rabbit Cut To Make 6 Pieces With Mustard Crust And Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

The Rabbit

The Brussels Sprouts

Download The Recipe:

Fricassee of Brussels Sprouts and Bacon


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