Spanish Tortilla Made In A Steel Pan

Spanish Tortilla Made In A Steel Pan




This Spanish tortilla was very exciting.  Last week I made a Spanish tortilla in a non-stick pan. This week I made a Spanish tortilla in a steel pan. One of my observations from using steel pans is that eggs cannot be stirred without sticking to the pan. Stirring the eggs must destroy a layer of moisture or oil that protects the eggs from sticking to the surface of the pan. My current experiences do not permit me to believe that potatoes can be sautéed in a steel pan. Maybe the potatoes can be sautéed using high heat, but I did not have time to experiment. My strategy was to fry potatoes and sweat scallions and garlic, and to add them to beaten eggs in a steel frying pan. This strategy was successful. After the eggs had set on the bottom of the pan, I put the pan in the oven beneath the broiler. The rack of the oven was in the middle position. After 2 minutes, I put Gouda cheese on the tortilla and cooked the tortilla for 1 additional minute. The Gouda has a great flavor and when it is melted, the Gouda is creamy. Spanish tortillas are the best combination of my favorite flavors from breakfast foods. The fried potatoes made this tortilla even more exciting. I accidentally mixed together the scallions and the potatoes while I was preparing the vegetables. The moisture from the scallions may have changed the texture of the potatoes. I am excited to know how to make something this good to eat.

Download The Original Recipe:

Spanish Tortilla Of Jacques Pépin

Chicken With Chili Sauce And Achiote Rice Of Jacques Pépin


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