Roasting Meat I: A Pork Shoulder

Roasting Meat I: A Pork Shoulder





This piece of pork was cooked at 225°F/107°C for about 3 1/2 hours. The meat was not at room temperature when I put it in the oven. I wanted to set the meat out, but I have not currently established a successful routine for setting ingredients out. The meat cooked less than 10 minutes before the center was 70°F/21°C. The meat appears to cook as the temperature increases. According to this thermometer, pork is well done at 170°F/77°C. Other resources that I have disagree with this temperature. Using the temperature given by the thermometer and the temperature of the stove, the meat would be overcooked if the temperature of the meat was the same as the stove. If I had cooked the meat at a higher temperature, the outside of the meat would have browned. If I cooked the meat a lower temperature, the meat would have taken longer to cook. Pulled pork is usually one color. The color is usually dark. I believe that I should make pulled pork by cooking it at 200°F/93°C for 6 hours. The temperature of the meat should be the same as the oven. I have another piece of pork, and I want to experiment, but I was so excited to eat the meat cooked at this temperature, that I am planning on doing this again.

Note: 1) the ingredients for the rub are in the recipe below, I mix them with a small amout of oil because I read a great recipe once that included this technique; the rub sticks to the meat when it is mixed with a small amount of oil

Download The Recipe To Use The Rub Used In This Blog Post:

Tamales À La Carte


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